The era we are living in is described in terms of education. Education is a very important part of one’s life and moreover better is the quality of education with an individual better is the success rate of the individual. Schools, colleges, universities etc are opened all over the world with a motto of imparting good quality of knowledge to every single individual. Every year new amendments are introduced into the education system to make things much clear to the students and to make the method of imparting education to students an easier one.

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       Assignments are provided to students as a part of their homework in almost all patterns such as essays, articles, term papers, research papers all depending upon the level of an individual. Most of the students are able to do all their assignments on their own because they have been very active all through the classroom program conducted for various subjects. Also their good hold over the language and an impressive expression power can make their assignment a unique one. Well this was one phase now let us talk about other which includes students who are unable to do the assignments on their own. This is all because of their carelessness during the conduct of classroom program which led to their poor hold over the subject. Time management is the problem faced by maximum number of students as they have to manage assignments also and their personal life as well.

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