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Types of Research Papers

Irrespective of the subject matter, research papers can be broadly categorized in two basic categories. In experts opinion, these two categories are argumentative research papers and analytical research papers. Apart from some similarities, these have some basic generic differences. The student needs to understand these differences between them when he/she starts his/her hunt for papers for the research. These differences can make a lot of impact on quality of his/her research. 

The first category of research papers is argumentative research papers. As the name suggests this type of research paper consists of a string of arguments backed up by some solid facts. This type of research paper makes you toe the line more than the analytical paper. One of the differentiating traits of this paper is that in this project you cannot remain neutral. You will have to take sides. This side taking stuff forms the crux of your thesis. When you juxtapose this with the facts your thesis is ready.

The second category of research papers is the analytical paper. There is a lot of input from the side of researcher. His analytical skills are put to test by evaluating the gathered information. This piece of writing has more personal touch than the argumentative research paper. One thing to remember when we opt for this type of research papers is that we should be clear about the topic in our minds. The highlight of the topic of this type of papers is in maintaining its neutrality meanwhile not losing the curiosity edge. It helps if the topic is mint fresh. This will stimulate the critical buds of your mind and minutely analyze the details. You will instantly come out with solutions. Another benefit of this will be that we will be more attentive towards the views and thoughts of scholars. But the paper should bear your imprint throughout with your vision and standing embodied in it.


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