My Home Country, My Great Pride

India is not only my home country, it is also my great pride. The country has a long and rich history but August 15, 1947, was the day of prime importance for every citizen of India. Nowadays, August 15 is the time of festivities and big celebration since on this day our country was finally freed from western colonialists who had been using the rich resources of India for their own benefit for a long time. People still remember how Jawaharlal Nehru delivered his speech known as “Tryst with predetermination” in the midnight, informing his fellow citizens that they were granted autonomy and they would finally be living in a free country. Later, Jawaharlal Nehru became the Prime Minister of the independent state.


My generation realizes the importance of this day in the history of our country so we consider it a true honor to participate in the national celebrations held on August 15. The holiday festivities fill the streets with joy and cheer, people sing and have fun, and decorations and national flags remind of the long and difficult battle our ancestors had to fight for us to be free. Traditionally, our Prime Minister delivers a speech from the Red Fort located in the capital. He reports on the major achievements of the previous year, including changes in the legislation, and pays tribute to people who made important contributions to the development of other spheres of the country life.

My Pride

I am proud of India because it is the country of virtuous people with ambitious plans for the future yet recognition of the historical heritage. India strives for solidarity and promotes peace. The colors on our Tricolor symbolize peace and the Ashoka Chakra signifies the law of Dharma. Leading the peaceful way of life is a remarkable quality of my nation. People from different parts of the world come to India to experience the ultimate serenity, joy, and peace of mind. Apart from that, tourists are attracted by numerous sights and remarkable places, joyous celebrations, such as Diwali, which reflect the spirit of the country and its people. India is a country of a unique culture. Its cuisine, numerous dialects, and religion are indigenous yet known far beyond our land. Even though my country has managed to preserve its uniqueness despite predominant globalization trends, India is a place where the citizens of other countries will find something to associate with.

The State

India is a lawful country with the general elections being the tool to establish the majority rule government. Despite the unbelievable diversity of dialects, customs, views, and traditions, all people demonstrate strong unity in their dreams for better future of their country. Tourists making their trip from Kanyakumari to the Himalayas will be perceived as true Indians, while their individual beliefs and worldview will still be respected.

All Indians cherish their nation and take pride in their country. While for some, these are unique legacy and vibrant culture that matter the most, others are proud of their magnificent nation and awareness of the citizens. For me, the general population of India, its unique societies, and awesome worldview will always be worth great respect.

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