History of the Holiday

Veterans Day celebration started after the First World War. Even though the US entered the war in 1917, it made a tangible contribution to the victory. The first Day of Veterans was held in 1919; this is the date of Armistice of Compiègne. Originally, the holiday was very limited in terms of the territory where it was celebrated. Seven years later after the first Day of Veterans, the resolution on which all states should have solemn events on November 11 each year was adopted in the US Congress.

This day was called Armistice Day. After more than thirty years, the representatives of US veteran organizations appealed to the US Congress with the proposal to rename it Veterans Day, since they wanted this holiday to become a day of remembrance for all American soldiers, and not just those, who fought in the fields of the First World War. In addition to honoring the memory of the deceased soldiers, it is also important not to forget about those veterans, who live next to us. The authorities of the country help these people in the form of material assistance and benefits. However, ordinary citizens should also show their respect. Americans must appreciate the veterans not only on November 11 but every day of the year.

Festive Events

On this day, many people take to the streets of big cities and small towns, military parades and solemn events are held throughout the country. It is important to note that many citizens take part in religious services in the churches and squares to honor the memory of the dead and pray for the peaceful future of the nation. By tradition, all celebrations begin at 11 a.m., because at this time Germany signed a truce agreement.

The Essence of This Day

The USA took part in many wars. Many soldiers risked their lives for the sake of the country's future. It becomes clear that any war is senseless cruelty now recalling those terrible events of the past, however, in those harsh conditions, ordinary people had no choice; they had to fight to survive and protect their home. In many wars, many innocent people died, the war is merciless. This holiday has one more goal in addition to honoring the memory of brave warriors to show the younger generation how terrible this time was and try not to allow the repetition of those events. After all, as you know, people learn from their mistakes. War is the greatest mistake of all humankind. Listening to the history of veterans, the infernal conditions at the front, the deaths of their friends and thousands of innocent citizens, young people must understand that they must do everything possible to save the peace in the world. We are different, but this is not a reason for enmity, the world is beautiful in its diversity, and no nation deserve suffering. This day teaches us to be kind and sympathetic to the people around us. Do not forget about the veterans and the price of victory.


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