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We do article writing, reaction paper writing, personal statement writing and article critique writing. Writing a custom article involves coming up with an essay that is straightforward in terms of the wording. The paper should be expressive arousing the reader's interest.

Article critique writing targets at evaluating essays done by other writers. The aim of article critique writing is to point out the fallacies or errors of reasoning presented in an article. It would also mean that we address the successful aspects of the article, such as the used theoretical framework.


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Reaction Paper Writing

Article critique writing is similar to reaction paper writing. However, in reaction paper writing, the evaluator focuses largely on the implications of the paper. For instance, if the essay argued about the continued relevance of Abraham Maslow’s theory of motivation, the evaluator would point out the implications of that stand to the current motivation problems facing, for instance, American soldiers. The evaluator would point out the pros and cons of applying that theory to modern day society.

Successful Article Critique Writing

Writing a successful custom critique paper calls for professionalism and vast experience in evaluating essays for content and accuracy. Many students do not possess these traits. Students need qualified personnel to aid them in developing high quality critiques that will score high marks. This is where we come in to help you.

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Article critique writers might be hard to find because of the complexity of writing. Thus, you will need dedicated writers who have experience in the chosen field of study. We have critique writers who write winning critiques in various styles, such as APA, MLA, Harvard, and many others. These writers are native English speakers and, thus, you should be sure to receive a perfect English custom written critique. Our writers can write essays for students of all levels starting from high school and undergraduate and up to college or university. Come to

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Personal Statement Writing

Apart from article critique writing, we also do personal statement writing. Writing a personal statement can be a difficult task for a beginner. Every personal statement is characterized by certain special features, and, thus, requires a high level of professionalism from the writer. Our writers have written many personal statements that have satisfied the requirements of our clients. Many of them have become our loyal customers who come to us every time they need qualified help. If you need to write a flawless personal statement, make use of our freelance writing services.

Beware of Free Essays

Many students fall into the trap of buying free or astonishingly cheap custom essays. However, such essays are mostly of low quality because they come from unprofessional companies. You do not need to risk your grades by using such services. At, we charge a cheap price to enable you to access the services of degree-holding writers with vast experience in their academic fields. Come and buy our high quality essays at cheap price.

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Our online writers take into consideration all your instructions and specifications when developing the papers. We never recycle those papers that have already been sold. Rest assured that you will get an authentic paper that will score high marks. Our strength lies in a professional team of qualified writers. We provide reliable customer support services that are available 24/7.

Buy custom essays, articles, article critiques, reaction papers and personal statements online from, and save money without compromising quality. We are the best online freelance writing service.


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