The fact that we are an American Company, we cherish informing our bright students about the existence of numerous fraudulent websites, which are all over the Internet today.Most of them originate from Romania, Philippines, and numerous other 3rd world nations. They are known to sell essays containing many grammatical errors, out of date, recycled, low quality, and full of plagiarism.

Avoid Using the Services Provided by Fraudulent Agencies

In the present times, the academic research industry has been flooded greatly. Contrary to what majority think the boom has been occasioned by saturation of numerous foreign sites, which have penetrated the industry resulting in mutation. This makes it hard finding a quality and trustworthy site. In the last five years during which we have been offering our service, we have handled customers who have seen customers falling victims of these sites. This can be attributed to low price offers and deceiving and glittery assurances. Some claim to offer high quality, customized, error free, un-plagiarized, properly formatted, properly written, and properly researched term paper. In addition, they boast of timely delivery. People who are victims can attest to these facts.

You may have come across some of these websites, which claim to sell cheap research papers usually at extremely low prices. Moreover, they give clients false promises that the paper content would entail the order requirements and good quality. Some claim of them talk of timely delivery. One easily gets excited by the false promises and false presentations each time you order a cheap research paper or an essay while providing the needed specifications and stipulated deadline. When it reaches some days when you are inquiring on progress you are told that your term paper nearing completion. When it reaches delivery time you receive no paper. You raise your concerns and you get no response then that marks the beginning of frustration. When your paper is finished timely you realize that requirements were not followed. You then request for a revision and you are told to add more money. The end results from a unreliable foreign website, is poor performance. Each time you are placing your order please verify the website’s authenticity and legitimacy.

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How to Ensure that the Company Is Reliable

Use the following details to confirm the legitimacy of some of these foreign websites selling poor quality cheap research papers.

  1. Address & Contact Number.Majority of these websites are located outside the United States. Hence, they rarely provide their contact address and contact number.
  2. Content. Go through the content’s website and analyze the presented facts. Most of the time it is full of un structured sentences and grammatical errors. You can rely on advice concerning viewing of contents to avoid falling a victim.
  3. Transactions occur via unsecure and less stringent service provision. Any unauthentic website usually employs the use of less strict transaction services. In addition, you are not entitled to a refund in case fraud occurs. Majority of these foreign websites make use of unreliable services when processing transactions. Moreover, they are generally insecure and you don’t have the privilege of a refund. On the contrary Google Checkout forms a reliable service, which assures you of protecting you from any false deals in case of a sudden occurrence and proceeds to block the company’s fraudulent account.
  4. Essay Databases. Usually your topic is contained in their databases relevant information lacks. It has been established that essays from such databases potentially lead to poor grade as a result of low quality, out of date and poor research. In addition, the essays are full of plagiarism through use of unreliable sources.
  5. Low prices. Normally the lower price the lower the quality. If you are a grade conscious person avoid compromising on quality and price. Setting a cheap price is best way of attracting unsuspecting students hence go for reasonably set prices from legitimate sites.


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