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Technological Innovations. Custom Technological Innovations Essay Writing Service || Technological Innovations Essay samples, help

Technology had been defined as the usage of organized tools, techniques and methods that follow a systematic procedure. The term is both used as a general term or in specific references for example medical technology, electrical technology and construction technology. Technology has continued to affect human beings in many untold ways and will continue to do so even in the days to come. One of the most technological advances that have brought about great change among the lives of every other person living on earth is communication technology. To a very large extent communication technology has bridged the gaps that existed thereon and as the common adage goes, the world has slowly but surely turned into a global village due to the technological web. Just to mention as an example, think back to the days when people used to use written letters as the only means to communicate with other people. Communication through this mode would take a minimum of 3 days before one cold get a feedback, but look at the situation today? How long does it take for one to get feedback from a respondent? With the development of gadgets like phones and the internet, communication has been eased and there is no longer speculation that hangs over one's mind for end waiting for feedback about some given piece of communication (Jean, Mario & Piet 2004).As if getting immediate feedback over the internet and through the phones is not enough, it is now also possible to communicate with a person in another state, country or continent as though you we just seated with that person in the same room. How is this possible? One might ask. Well with the innovation of gadgets like the web camera, it is now possible to now watch another person eye to eye if both of you are connected via the gadget. Other advances that have come up over the years include the youtube and which allows you to play videos online. All the same, this is just a tip of the iceberg, for there are many more technological advances that are coming up as far as internet communication is concerned and it would do us good to have a look at what to expect in the days to come (Huub 2005).Other services that people are enjoying nowadays over the internet include email services and social networking services that allow people to communicate and form networks as well as advance career wise without so much of their physical involvements in terms of job hunt and social meetings. These services are now serving and social meeting points and all it requires is a click of a button on a computer and you are connected with the world! (Paul 2009).
All this, and much, more points to the fact that communication technology is here with us and here to stay for that matter. What can we best do then as a global village? We need to embrace the changing times and agree that we are surely becoming digitalized and save for a few disadvantages here and there, all these comes for our own good. Let us then have a look at what this study predicts to be a core service that is likely to be offered via the internet n the coming 2-5 years and how it will affect the world in terms of subscription, investment and communication speed.   One of the technologies that are coming up and at a high speed is the SONET technology, which refers to Synchronous Optical Network (Paul 2010).The SONET technology is aimed at being used in collaboration with the fiber optic technology that is now in high demand. It is aimed at standardizing a set of rates applications for the optical interconnection. The technology also aims at synchronizing a hierarchal system that can cope with high demand and overwhelming traffic signals (Paul 2009).SONET, according to the research carried out by the American National Standards Institute, will come with a high bandwidth network, which will have the capacity to support many users at the same time, regardless of the bandwidth size. The technology will be capable of handling both telephone and ATM services as well as other broad applications. SONET has become a favorable option for manufacturers faced with high-end transmission production activities and also for cable television networks. One advantage with this broadband is that it operates at a supersonic speed of 10 gigabits per second. Although it has not fully penetrated the market, the broadband has a promising future. However, according to research, many potential purchasers of the broadband are maintaining a wait-and-see attitude and this is only because of some inevitable negative factors that seem to pose as a threat to the expansion of the technology. These are factors like difficulties in integration of SONET functions into the present operating systems like. This should however not deter users from purchase of the SONET technological systems because the challenge will be overcome with time (Paul 2010).The SONET technology will best be suited for companies that mainly correspond via telephone. This is because the broadband is designed in such a way that it will be able to accommodate high capacity switches that are interconnected through numerous switches and terminals. SONET works in such a way that the switches are concentrated in to a few but high capacity nodes that can handle incoming and outgoing traffic without causing jam or delays. Its overhead channels are also designed in a way that governs high speed interconnectivity (Jean 2004).
SONET technology is promising efficiency and effectiveness in the internet world in a number of ways. To begin with, it appears that bandwidth will be availed on demand. In other words, inaccessibility of internet and telephone services in busy companies will be a thing of the past. Just o mention as an example, a network manager in a company will be able to meet traffic demand at peak hours through use of services like video conferencing or image transfer when demand for immediate feedback on communication is high (Prasanna, 2007).Through SONET, users will also benefit from real time re-routing, meaning that one will be able to bypass a congested route, node or link that lead to another connection, reach the connection destination by a reconfiguration of the route without necessarily terminating or disconnecting a voice conversation. One more thing that gives a break to network managers, the SONET system is automatically maintained and tested, meaning that users can take advantage of this factor to generate reports of how the system is operating, as well as be able to detect any looming trouble way in advance. This way, users will be able to plan for expansion in network, disaster recovery and monitoring of their performance without much ado (Prasanna 2007).The predicted market penetration level of subscribers into SONET technology is estimated to be at an increased figure, bearing in mind that the cost of SONET  chipsets has gone down to $750 up from a value of $20,000 just four years ago. Remember that the cheaper the cost of technology, the wider its market base. The approximate number of subscribers expected to have joined the SONET world by the year 2014 is 123 million new subscribers. The figure stands at this bearing in mind that SONET is coming into the world in collaboration with other technologies like the Lucent technologies that make use of SLC2000Access System, DDM2000 OC 3-12 multiplex equipment and FT2000 OC-48 multiplex equipment. These systems will especially be useful for companies that work in collaboration with Olympic Games organizers for they will be able to traffic all voice communications through the system (Abdul 2007).The SONET technology in further details goes on to take into account the FCAPS classification (X700 and X701). This is what is referred to as fault management, configuration management, accounting management, performance and security management. The systems put in place for the smooth running of the SONET technology requires that there should be management processes that identify, locate and report any problems associated with the running of its software. It is also crucial that configuration of network devices and connections is done in order to curb redundancy and networks failures because of overlooked faults. Accounting management requires that the survivability of the network is enhanced; otherwise the network manager is penalized. Performance management pertains to monitoring and evaluation of the system to ensure an upgrade at all times as opposed to a down grade of the same, while security management is basically seeing to it that all connections pertaining to SONET are secure and do not pose a threat to users (Abdul et al 2007).With all these said and done, it goes without saying that the world of technology, as especially with reference to the internet has a lot to offer and there is more that users should look out for, for this information is not yet exhaustive. SONET is just one among the many upcoming services. It may come with its own fair share of challenges, but we are all hopeful that the pros outweigh the cons of these inventions.

Technological Innovations. Custom Technological Innovations Essay Writing Service || Technological Innovations Essay samples, help

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