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Summary of Dye Technology. Custom Summary of Dye Technology Essay Writing Service || Summary of Dye Technology Essay samples, help

Manufacturing of textile products accounts for a great percentage of current industrial applications. However, such industries effect environment in a negative way. The chemicals emitted during these textile industries’ production processes are toxic and some of them become non-controllable once disposed into water. Such industrial enterprises cause massive water pollution. This calls for creating a suitable technology to solve the crux. AirDye technology deals with the harmful effects caused by textile industries by eliminating water at the initial stages of coloration. The chemicals that are applied in the manufacturing process are also removed or not involved at all.

The world is going ‘green’ and every industry strives to ensure environmental sustainability. The companies in developed countries take pains to produce environmentally friendly goods as well as ensure the work place is safe. AirDye technology emerged after an effective life cycle analysis (LCA) has been conducted on the effects of the products from the textile industries. After reviewing the toxicity of the chemicals, particular recommendations were offered.

This technology mainly reduces the harm caused to the environment by the substances utilized during production as well as improves the quality of the final product – fabric. This technique also reduces the amount of energy required to heat up water and dry the fabric. First practices proved to be rather efficient. In addition, AirDye method is cost-effective; thus, it is beneficial to countries where water for producing electricity is an important issue.

AirDye technology is expected to mature and develop at a fast rate. Its future is bright and the calls for efficient energy application will be realized. Textile industries need to apply this technology in order to save our environment. Water is a basic need and its pollution puts people’s lives at risk. All the nations should ensure that an efficient technology is applied by textile industries as this will help the whole world.

Summary of Dye Technology. Custom Summary of Dye Technology Essay Writing Service || Summary of Dye Technology Essay samples, help

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