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Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a general term used mostly in data access management technologies that are used by hardware publishers, manufacturers and even individuals in order to control the use of digital devices and contents. In other words, the term is used to illustrate any form of technology that is used to lay boundaries on the uses of undesired or unintended digital devices and contents (Becker, 2003, p. 3).Document Rights Management can be accomplished at one of two levels; the first level is file-based DRM while the second level is server-based DRM. File-based DRM is the restriction of data access imposed on files such as music, video, image files and audio among other files (Becker, 2003, p. 20). The end user is prohibited from viewing these files, even though the database or server containing Server-based DRM on the other hand restricts data but on the servers thus the end user does not access the server in which the data is store, either in transit or at the destination. File-based DRM is different from server-based DRM in that the files cannot be copied or printed while in the later, users can access data using key-based encryption (Furht , 2008, p. 179).

File-based DRM is more cost effective when the files protected are on PDF format whereby the end user can not alter the contents of the file. Server-based DRM is relatively more cost effective when all the documents that need to be protected are locked and then protected version is sent to the legible users (Sander , 2002, p. 181). Trainings that would be required for an organization to implement these data protection approaches include; how to access files in that are protected or whose access is only limited to few users as well as how the organizations can use these approaches to protect data at its disposal.

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