Visualizing Domestic Violence

A social problem can be looked at as a condition that is very undesirable by many people in a given society. It affects the majority of the members of a society. It is normally not entertained and people shun it in order to have good relations with other people. It is however; wise to note that social problems may be looked at differently by various people. What one may consider as a social problem may not qualify as one in the eyes of another person (Purity 10). A community may detest certain practices but the same practice may be acceptable in another community. An example is smoking marijuana. In Jamaica, some regions consider it as legal and they use the drug to appease their gods. In many nations of the world, the smoking of marijuana is considered a social problem. Social problems are many in our societies and they only differ basing on the context. The community or region that a certain act is practiced in is the one that may consider it as either a social problem or not (Purity 12).

A social issue refers to acts that are common in every person’s life and always relate to them. These are acts that people debate about, at a national level or even globally. They have a global front. They touch on the lives of almost all nations in the world and they are common. They bring about controversy as many bodies and organizations always differ in debating about the best way to handle them (Purity 12).

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Domestic violence is a social issue. It is witnessed in many communities all over the world. It refers to the abuse of one partner by the other in an intimate relationship like cohabiting or a marriage. This issue has elicited a lot of outcry from many worldwide organizations and at communal level. Men always take advantage of women’s traditionally proclaimed weakness and deny their fundamental rights. Most of the marriages have since collapsed due to the brutality that men impose on their women and also intimidation directed towards women (Corrin 27).

This behavior can be explained in terms of feminine theory. This sociological approach can be used to explore the discriminative patriarchal attitude that places men above women. In case of correct usage, it can help in analyzing this sharp social problem and in raising public awareness to the plights of this frequently downtrodden part of the population. Moreover, it will be suitable in establishing strategies to mitigate this menace in order to liberate them once and for all. The feminist approach is quite relevant in understanding the casual chain in visualizing such social issues. Through it, learners will know about the origin and intensity of this problem and the role of each of the involved parties (Corrin 32).

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Causes of domestic violence include family conflicts and stress or depression. Family conflicts arise due to disagreements that may occur within the family. These are normal occurrences and if not tackled well may necessitate domestic violence. Family matters are extremely complex, ranging from responsibilities of taking care of children to catering for their education. The couples also have their own desires and needs which they must fulfill. When one of the parties falters in his or her quest of supporting the family, it may elicit conflicts hence leading to domestic violence. Infidelity may also come out as a family concern. If one of the couples  fails to honor the marriage and has extra marital affairs, the other party may resort to violate him or her. Most of these acts fall on women (Corrin 52).Stress is also another factor as it may influence the way one acts when prompted. Stress may be brought about by failing to accomplish a certain task or meeting responsibilities. These lead one into drug abuse and the eventual result is domestic violence (Corrin 53).

Consequences of domestic violence are massive and greatly affect families. Domestic violence, first, leads to breakage of families. This means that families disintegrate and the couples part ways. This is detrimental if they had children. Divorce cases are on the rise due to domestic violence. Women always fall prey to men who become ruthless and inconsiderate in their dealings. They beat up their wives, not putting in mind the impacts it may have on the family. Their children hence fail to develop properly due to the lack of parental love form both parties. They may also be forced to settle in other marriages which may not go well due to their divorce history. The health implications of domestic violence cannot go unmentioned. This act may lead to death of a person or even that of an infant. There are many reported cases of women who have lost their lives, most of whom are pregnant. It may also cause one to develop heart complications as the stress levels influence the health of a person.

Sensitization is necessary in the bid to deal with domestic violence. Resources should be allocated to this goal in order to ensure that all the necessary measures are taken by those who feel offended. People should be enlightened on their rights and what they should consider as violation. They should also know the places where they can report cases of domestic violence. This will help those violated to know their rights and fight for them (Jesse 28).

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Legislation should be used whereby policies should be set that will clearly explain the consequences that will befall the violators. They should not only be policies set but also mechanisms that will ensure that these policies are implemented to the latter. All citizens should be on the lookout for those who violate others and report such cases to the relevant bodies (Jesse 29).

Domestic violence is a social issue. My sociological imagination made me look at the issue from a social front where I considered its impacts on the society and the relations that people have. Domestic violence has greatly affected families, leading to the witnessed increase in divorce rates and health complications. Unless the government will stand firm and support policies that advocate against domestic violence, the family institution will never be stable.

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