The Special Voice of Women: An Understanding Garnered from the Poem She Had Horses by Joy Harjo

Women have a very distinctive approach in speech and self expression. Basically, it has been noted through studies that women are driven by their emotions, their feelings towards the situations that they are facing every day.  Through the said researches and studies, women were noted to have a good sense of recognition when it comes to emotional sensitivity. However, there is one thing that practically characterizes women, and that is the ways by which they present their being indecisive. There are instances when men talk about women with the lines “I cannot understand what she wants”. Yes, there are certain instances when women are less able to show what they are actually feeling and how they want things to happen with an immediate decision. Sometimes, there are a series of choices that they have to pick from making it harder for them to decide easily.

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Besides that, there are also different factors that define womanhood. Among these factors include that of culture, upbringing and society. These factors practically affect the way a woman thinks which usually shows in the ways by which she speaks her mind to others. Understandably, there are reasons behind the different ways by which women express themselves through act and through speech.

This has been one among the many features of understanding presented in Joy Harjo’s She Had Some Horses. This poem presents a more pressing identification on how women practically define themselves as part of the community and as individuals who ought to satisfy themselves when it comes to the image that they post for the public to recognize. Women’s characteristics are usually unexplainable. Definitely, there are instances when women are less able to speak when they actually use words. Hence, listening to women does not only require the utilization of the ear, practically it also involves the capability of the listener to read through the lines and see through the actions that women show in connection with the emotion that they are feeling.

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Pressing on to what is important and what is just a folly, women usually have a knack for humor and have a sense of understanding that makes it easier for them to make life look like as if it is an easy breeze of experience even when they are already in the middle of facing the turmoil of life.  Surely, because of this fact, Harjo mentioned the following lines in her poem:

She had horses who thought they were the sun and their bodies shone and burned like stars.
She had horses who waltzed nightly on the moon.
She had horses who were much too shy, and kept quiet in stalls of their own making.

Certainly, these lines of indication on how women are differently separated from their own kind make them one of the most exciting creations that one would ever find to understand. Clearly, women are among the kinds of creation that are knowingly exciting to explore. The way they act and the way they speak provides people around them a better sense of  understanding what and how they are as human individuals simply wanting to live life to its fullest.

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Believably, through the lines that Harjo mentioned within the poem, she was able to etch the idea on how women are able to extend themselves towards the situations that they are in, as well as how they are able to adjust to the call of the situation. Speaking for themselves and acting according to what they feel, women may seem to be like see-through mirrors that others could simply look through and find the real meaning of the person behind the mirror. Basically, the idea of the author notes that the uniqueness of women, when recognized properly gives a good insight on the truth about being human. 

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