Suicide as a Social Issue

Suicide refers to the act of intentionally causing one`s death. It is significant to note that suicide in society is commonly associated with despair that emanates from mental disorders such as depression and schizophrenia. Additionally, increased levels of drug abuse and stresses among individuals play a key role in leading to acts of suicide in society. Some of the most significant methods used to commit suicide include hanging, poisoning, and use of firearms. World statistics indicate that the suicide rates are on the increase in different parts of the globe as many people are resorting to it as the shortest mean to evade stresses and other unbearable conditions. According to me, suicide means the lack of respect for one’s life and the inability to find effective solutions to problems within society. Notably, some individuals consider suicide as the lack of respect for religion and the complete devaluation of one’s life. Therefore, any person found committing suicide should be arrested and prosecuted in line with the law. Continuous encouragement and guidance for individuals within society would be vital in helping alleviate cases of suicide in society.

In this paper, I am going to discuss what suicide means to me and other individuals within society. Additionally, I will also discuss the ways in which suicide can be alleviated

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Suicide is a direct show of disrespect and undervaluation of one’s life. As noted earlier, suicide entails individuals taking their own lives because of particular pressures in their lives or the influence of drug abuse. People do not always take into consideration that value of their lives before resorting to suicide. Again, suicide does not involve effective thinking among individuals, as it is always a hasty step, and those who resort to it usually do not take into consideration the value of their lives. Therefore, most individuals do not consider several alternatives that could resolve their problems and they end up committing suicide, which represents significant disrespect of one’s own life. The decision to commit suicide is always premature and does not entail a significant measure of the value of life among individuals.  Bhatt (2012) affirms that suicide leads to the loss of important people in society because of the carelessness on their part and the lack of effective judgment of the right manner to tackle individual problems. Suicide means that people do not understand the value put on their lives as they end up terminating them untimely using some of the most painful means such as hanging and stabbing oneself using knives and other sharp objects.

It is worth noting that suicide also means the disrespect of moral and legal standards set within society. Cutright & Fernquist (2000) opine that all societies have moral principles that do not allow any single space for suicide as it is regarded an immoral act that does not need to be promoted by individuals in society. The high sense of immorality exhibited by an act of suicide indicates the manner in which it is unwanted in society. The high levels of morals asserted by society underscore the belief that suicide is immoral and should be discouraged among all people. The legal standards that are set by the government and other authorities in society categorize suicide as an illegal act that would necessitate the prosecution of the victim.  I believe that suicide is an illegal act that should not be perpetuated in society. Arrests and prosecutions should be made against all individuals found trying to take their lives away. Thus, most members within society understand the meaning of suicide as relating to the breakage of moral and legal standards in society. Individuals found trying to engage in these acts should be taken and charged according to the moral and legal assertions provided in society.

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Other members of society also have different understandings of suicide. Most people believe that suicide indicates the lack of respect for religious teachings and the creator of lives. Most religious teachings such as the Bible reiterate that God created life and wanted it to be as sacred as possible. According to Durkheim & Buss (2006), religious teachings affirm that human beings do not have the permission to take their own lives away and the creator is the only rightful party to determine the destiny of an individual. With this understanding, other members of society perceive suicide to mean disrespect for religious teachings and the creator. This is because of the clarity in which religious teachings come out, clearly warning individuals against taking away their lives away, as they are sacred and can be taken away only by the creator. In most instances, individuals who commit suicide are always perceived to have sinned before the creator because of the failure to adhere to religious teachings as asserted by the giver of life. In some instances, those who commit suicide are always cleansed before being buried as a sign of an intervention asking the creator to forgive them.

Additionally, most people in society understand that suicide means the inability of individuals to come up with effective solutions to different problems that exist within society. The act of suicide is motivated by different factors such as family problems, personal stresses, and many other problems that individuals face. Most individuals do not take time to settle and understand the problems that affect them. They perceive suicide as the shortest means possible to solve their problems. Jones (1897) confirms that the high levels of suicide cases in society are indicative of the inability of most individuals to find solutions to problems that affect them in their daily lives. Most of these individuals are perceived to have limited problem-solving skills, which leads them to taking this undesirable step. In cases where individuals could be living with a proper guide of decision-making skills, suicide could not be as widespread as it is within society. Again, the angry manner in which individuals approach different problems in their lives lead to increased cases of suicide within society hence bringing out the meaning of suicide as the lack of proper problem-solving ideas among individuals. Therefore, other members of the society understand suicide as the most undesirable solution that comes into place after the failure of effective problem-solving skills among members of society.

It is the duty of all members of the society to addressing the problem of suicide. First, the duty to address suicide should start on an individual scale where one tries to consult and seek assistance in cases of problems. The University of Chicago (2002) confirms that immense individual problems lead to stresses and the failure to control these stresses leads to the undesirable act of suicide. Therefore, individuals have the duty to address problems by trying to help instead of resorting to suicide. Second, guiding and counseling sessions would play a vital role in alleviating the increased cases of suicide. Most cases of suicide emanate from the lack of effective guidance among people within society. This implies that they do not have direction when it comes to choosing the right course of action. Therefore, they settle on the undesirable act of committing suicide. Last, the problem of suicide could be addressed by reducing access to some of the things that are used to commit suicide. Individuals, especially those suffering from mental problems, should be prevented from accessing objects such as knives, which could be used to commit suicide.

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In conclusion, suicide entails individuals taking their own lives away because of the different problems and pressures they face. Stress factors and other problems such as mental problems are known to contribute to the desire of committing suicide among individuals within society. Nobody in society loves and supports the acts of suicide because they are against the beliefs of most individuals in society. Therefore, continuous educational campaigns are taking place in society teaching individuals about this undesirable act and the manner in which it can be avoided for effective living. I understand that suicide means complete disrespect and devaluation of one’s life. This means that people commit the act without considering the value of their life and their worth in the world. Additionally, most members of society believe that suicide is a show of disrespect to religious teachings and the creator of life. Life is supposed to be sacred and can be taken away only by the creator rather than by a person. Suicide also means non-compliance with the moral and legal standards that are put in place within society. Morality dictates that individuals should be moral enough to take care of their lives without tempering in any given manner through suicide. Legal principles also require that those found committing suicide should be arrested and prosecuted. Suicide is also understood as an undesirable decision that comes into place after the failure by individuals to find an effective solution to problems facing them in society. This is a hasty step, which leads to untimely termination of an individual`s life.

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