Parenting by Choice

Marriage is a union or legal contract between two people that creates relations. It is a system in which mutual relations, usually close, strong and sexual, are recognized in many ways, depending on the cultural practices in which it is found .This union is usually made legal through a wedding (Golombok 23).
Based on my observation, most young couples are eager to rush into relationships, and ultimately parenthood. They do not make informed decisions mostly due to lack of guidance from their parents or elders. Many young people make the mistake of deciding to have children right away after being married without having financial capability. In addition, most of them are under the impression that they are ready for long-term commitment. They end up facing financial burdens and family pressure that they had not contemplated on before making their rush decisions (Holden 56).

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Parenthood is a joyous and fulfilling task, as many parents would say. However, there are two sides of the coin. One must have the capability to be a parent, not only a mere desire to be one. Below are some of the reasons that young couples should consider before indulging into parenthood.


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