Indian Festival of Light

Diwali or the festive of light refers to a five day festival that always represents the commencement of the Hindu culture New Year. Its main objective and purpose is to honor the desired and perceived victory of any good over evil in society, and also brightness over any darkness that may engulf communities. This festival also marks the beginning of winter for the Hindu. It is in line with the global geographical and environmental activities that are experienced. Diwali festival is normally celebrated in the greatest honor of the Lord Rama and also his renowned wife Sita. This is perceived to be the period when they two celebrated people are returning to their famous kingdom of Ayodhya. It is also in line with following Rama and also monkey god referred to as Hanuman's who was defeated by the demon King called Ravana and also the rescue of Sita from all his evil clutches. This event is always celebrated on Dussehra.

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Diwali is always celebrated in the month of October or even November. This greatly depends on the evident cycle and passage of the moon. This year, 2012, Diwali starts with the famous Dhanteras on the 11th of November. Every day that this Diwali festival is celebrated it tends to hold a different notion or meaning. It is worth noting that all the main festivities of this festival are always called on the third day of every month of the celebration. In line with this year, it happened on November 13. It is also worth noting that the fourth day of Diwali  will be celebrated as a new year's day. During the event, merchants always open fresh and new accounts for the expected new year, and also offer prayers. The fifth day is always the last day and it is when all the brothers and also sisters come together and greatly share food, in a bid to honor the existing bond between all of them.

This festival gets to a climax on third day when lots of extremely small lamps of clay (referred to as diyas) and also candles are evidently lit and then placed in people’s houses. Fireworks are then let off all over the place, bringing forth the name offered to Diwali as the “Festival of Lights”. Hindu people always clean and also decorate their various homes with art known as Rangoli, they buy very new and flashy clothes, decide to gamble, and eventually present gifts and also sweets to each other, during the festival.

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Research question for the survey was: how is the Festival of lights celebrated, which expectations do the people who adore the culture have and also the kind of honor of offered to it by all members in the society?

How does Diwali influence your life? Does it make any difference in your life in the long run? Do you value the activities that are carried out during the event?

  1. Lahali: Diwali is a festival that has been celebrated since time in memorial. Just like the ay other religions have their own festive and beliefs, Diwali also holds a great place in our culture. The festival makes a lot of difference in my life as it makes me meet with my brothers and sisters whom we would never have met without that event being non-existant.
  2. Geetar: the festival holds a great place in my heart. It is our culture and we have no option rather than following it. We do respect our forefathers and therefore, adore it. However, it does not make a big difference in my life.
  3. Parish: Diwali is like any other festival and so I do not give a lot of emphasis on it. I grew up in town and I rarely observe this festive. I am always busy.
  4. Karim: I respect the festive and it holds a place in my heart. I cherish the month that the event is held. I always call of any business that I may have at that time. We do respect our ancestors and gods and hence it is wise to observe this festival.
  5. Pakhish: I do not consider the event as extremely essential to my life. I have other pressing issues that I attend to. With the economic downturn, I have to concentrate on other important issues.

It was necessary that I involve experienced people in the community so that I could get the information that I was substantial. The local leaders fromed the basis of my research and they were up to their task. Some were reluctant to respond to my questions due to religious calling and I could not get my way through. Lahali is a local leader responsible with youth issues and she gave me relevant information about when the event is carried out and what conspires during it. Geetar is a local women leader and she gave me the necessary information regarding the main events during the festival. However, she was a bit reluctant but after explaining to her the basis of my research, she gave in to my call. Parish does not value the event and he claimed to have other oressing issue to attend to. He never gave so much interest to the culture. Karim is very concerned about the culture. Basing on the experience he held, having lived for more than sixty years in the culture, he was well placed to give me the responses I needed. Pakhish never held any interest in the event.

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The Indian Festival of Light hold a great place among many of the people in the community. It is observed by majority of them in respect to their gods. 

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