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The element of trust is vital, as it provides the room for retaining confidence among the employees within the new outlet.  The act of trust towards each member of staff allows the entire organization to make faster and effective decisions, in case of a misunderstanding in the system. Trust in process facilitates the process of sustaining enthusiasm among the personnel, as it avoids the burn-out among the employees in the new outlet. The enthusiastic employees who are innovative and creative are fully supported in the implementation of their potentially lucrative ideas and business savvy talent, thus, gaining the opportunity costs in the organizational market (Coffey, 2009). This is important, because it retains the focus, whenever challenges or things do not work out as intended.

The existence of trust in the system approach aids in the time saving schedule among the staffs which eventually eliminates the ever-wasteful and demoralizing blame game that most of the organizations do face in their routine activities. In this scenario, the management is able to mainly focus on possible strategies of solving problems at hand, rather than pointing out fingers among the employees on the cause. The elements of criticism among the top level management on recruitment and selection process is widely eliminated, as focus is on new ways of finding the solution to the problem, in order to make the firm successful.

The process of participating in the system will eventually lead to the greater clarity with regards to the management processes within the outlet, than it  would have occurred otherwise. This is as a result of the transparency in the decision-making process, as the whole system approach involves a collective decision-making from the parties involved, as they are usually opened up for discussion and debate about the staff members’ roles, and this has had the particularly beneficial consequence of acceptance of the total transparency about Job Plans, which anticipation will be of the considerable benefit to good multidisciplinary team working in the future within the outlet.   The process of the system will also make it easier for the service to accommodate to the requirements to develop the service line management and the service line reporting that will in turn bring out the efficiency in the delivery process to the customers. Greater clarification of the work of the service will open up the prospect of greater elucidation and delineation of customer delivery strategies, which itself appears to provide a way forward to the sensible implementation of policies of the customer’s satisfaction in the organization.

Consider how positive deviance can be used in this consulting problem.

Positive Deviance is an approach that is used in the process of highlighting the problems that occur in the organizational market in relation to the behavior and the social change within the community that one intends to set up the outlet. The Positive deviance involves the attitudes, cognitive and behavioral patterns which have an impact on the overall performance of the new retail outlet. Its application will lead to the implementation of its power through discovery, realization and innovations within the organization, thus, utilizing the available resources (Block, 2011).  Positive deviance will aid in mobilizing the entire organization in the spearheading of set models strategies and policies of solving problem of setting up a retail outlet. The approach will enhance equality among the organization members, as all the problems are addressed without discriminating. It also gives opportunity for the organization, as the approach ensures all the local problems are solved through intervention of the involved parties, where methods like that of cost sharing are applied.

The Element of Trust. Custom The Element of Trust Essay Writing Service || The Element of Trust Essay samples, help

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