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Human Origins: Survival of the Adaptable. Custom Human Origins: Survival of the Adaptable Essay Writing Service || Human Origins: Survival of the Adaptable Essay samples, help

The historians have ever believed that human species have had varied forms to be what they are today. The origin of human is believed to be in Kenyan’s Rift Valley region. Each stage of human evolution was characterized by different social-economic activities. Due to ever changing environmental conditions, the human way of life also changes to adapt to the environment. The ability of evolving organisms to adapt to different structures and behaviors, at all time and places, have favored survival and reproduction of these organisms. The human had never been the final in the food chain thus; they have faced numerous and devastating challenges within the ecosystem.

Human evolution period have faced climate instability history; the unsystematic change in rainfall, aridity, glacial, and global warming. The environmental changes led human to change types of food and to adapt to new diet thus making tools to gather food for survival. In addition, evolution made human to change from eating raw food to cooked food. Therefore, it can be stated that, climatic change is a factor that influences evolution.

Human has faced numerous adaptive challenges as he evolves. The lack of claws or canines made the early homonins physically defenseless since they could toss neither rocks nor wave sticks. The efforts of homonins to hunt and scavenge exposed them to wild animals, which could injure them. The lack of proper medication was the major cause of deaths, to these our ancestors. The dental and chronic ear infections were the major causes of their deaths while others died from sharp-object injuries. Natural calamities such as floods, droughts, and volcanic eruptions among others amounted to their trials. The deaths experienced by our ancestors enhanced their adaptability, since, in every stage of evolution, they worked out the solutions to a given cause of death.

Although the early homonins were relatively defenseless, they possessed primate heritage defense mechanisms against predators. In their social settings, they stayed in a group that facilitates them to keep watch over each other against predators. They possessed special communication methods to hunting and handling the arising insecurity situations. Their later ability to handle and use crude weapons like stones as well as the control of fire increased self and group defense from the predators. The homonins used fire to scare away animals from their camps. 

The adaptability of our ancestors to every situation is a good ground to understand the human origins. The Homo sapiens are most adaptable of the evolved mammalian species on earth. Human has the ability to influence its surrounding to meet his tastes and demands. Though human in the current world has shown constant physical development, it has varied and wide technological evolution. This ranges from weapons, communication, medicine, transport, as well as infrastructure. This topic is facilitated by the fact that human evolution and adaptability is a continual process, and the present human is experiencing them in varied fields of its life. 

Human Origins: Survival of the Adaptable. Custom Human Origins: Survival of the Adaptable Essay Writing Service || Human Origins: Survival of the Adaptable Essay samples, help

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