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Civilization is the essence of an individual being able to identify himself with the environment around him or her, and have information on most of the basic areas affecting his or her daily life. It is a fact that civilization is necessary for any individual, and that for one to experience civilization, he or she needs to learn several disciplines such as art, theology, history, literature, philosophy and many other disciplines available in the present world. Learning these disciplines is of massive importance to anyone pursuing any career in the sense that most of these disciplines are applicable and practically essential in whatever field one may be pursuing (Lenzen 130).

For instance, for individual pursuing a career in guiding and counseling, civilization is essential through many ways. However, for one to be civilized and pursue a successful career in his or her field of specialization, he has to learn about the other fields. All these fields are equally important in terms their impact towards the success of the career of such individual. For example, an individual in a guiding and counseling career needs to learn psychology to understand and comprehensively aid his clients; the individual requires knowledge and skill on the various ways through which he or she can approach different types of people. Knowledge in psychology will help in understanding the various personality types of people and the various techniques of approaching them. This skill will also help in finding the best solutions for different personality types.

Secondly, an individual pursuing a career in guiding and counseling may need to learn history because on a number of factors. For instance, counselors always have clients who visit after long periods, while some usually visit regularly. During these subsequent visits, the clients usually expect the counselor to be aware of the previous details of the meeting. Without knowledge of history, one may not be able to remember the details of the previous meeting with clients. Thus, knowledge in history is essential for any individual in any career. Similarly, an individual pursuing a profession in law should also have adequate knowledge of history. History is an account of past chronological activities and record of events. In the law profession, individuals usually refer to judicial precedents that judges made several years back. In a case where the system did not ensure safe storage and recording of such details, there could be several flaws in the judicial system (Hollins 19).

Thirdly, any individual pursuing any career needs knowledge of literature. For example, considering a career in guiding and counseling, and individual must have skills of interpreting various signs of communication and language techniques such as satirical language, imagery, and ironical phrases (Lenzen 149). Without such skills from literature, the person will experience several obstacles in successfully executing his duties as a counselor, especially in complex cases. Similarly, other professions, like in the law field, also need knowledge in literature. In fact, the field of law employs concepts of literature more than any other field. Lawyers tend to use slightly complex words and phrases that may be hard to interpret without adequate knowledge of literature.

Looking at the above illustrations and many other that are not in this text it is evident that one needs to be civilized in order to succeed in any career/ profession. However, for an individual to be civilized, the requirements are that he or she learns concepts in several fields. All fields, including art, poetry, literature, philosophy, and drama, are essential for the success of an individual in whatever career that he or she is pursuing. Thus, I strongly agree with the author that for one to be civilized, he, or she needs to learn.

Civilization and Learning. Custom Civilization and Learning Essay Writing Service || Civilization and Learning Essay samples, help

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