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Students and scholars must write an essay at one time in their education life. Throughout the academic career, scholars are required to write essays in various occasions. Some do it either for class work, for essay contests or for admission purposes. It is vital to note that, coherence, verb agreement, sentence structure and use of vocabulary are essential in essay construction. Despite having many purposes, essays have a standard format no matter the nature of the topic. There are basic steps vital when writing an essay. These steps guarantee a quality essay at the end of writing. Once followed, the essay writes itself and the writer’s task is to supply it with valuable ideas. Steps necessary when constructing an essay are as follows:

The first-most step is to define the essay’s context. This is the scope in the essay. Its heart is to determine the reason behind writing the essay. This reveals to the writer the crucial objectives of the essay while offering guidance on parameter flows. One of the parameters to be considered is the essay’s topic. It may be given or be required to pick one. If given a chance to choose a topic, one should consider something that he/she feels passionate about. This will help in generation of ideas significantly. The format of the essay is worth determining. The length and paragraph breath should follow the teacher’s guidelines. One should determine the audience of the essay. This offers a theme to the essay such as persuasive, comparison or explanatory.

Once this is done, it is imperative to conduct thorough research to source for evidence for the argument. This can be done in books, academic papers or online. The internet has become the most relied source of information by almost all fields of study. Therefore, it is vital for writers to get facts ready before embarking on the writing process. Research enables the writer to get confidence, courage and plan for events to be featured in the essay. After gathering facts from research, writers should organize their ideas strategically. This will give an essay a smooth flow while allowing readers to get facts as there are unveiled. It is advisable to include facts that disprove your stand in the essay. This refrain your essay from biasness.

During the research process, it is possible to come across previously written essay. This should be reviewed to get ideas, concepts and tips on formatting, writing structures and breadth. Studying the evidence presented by other authors is crucial. This will give writers a chance to weigh their evidence and compare its effectiveness. The written essays will help the writer to identify ways of presenting their evidence and back up their claims. They will also learn how to provide examples that are easier to follow.

The ideas derived from the research should be brainstormed. Other people’s arguments can be utilized to back up the writer’s ideas. The writer’s insight is required in essay construction. One should ask questions and provide answers to them. Once ideas have been scrutinized, the best should be chosen and pinned down in a clear assertion. This contributes to the development of a thesis. Thesis is a main point presented in a sentence that allows the reader to understand the intentions of the writer. Practically, there can never be a good essay without a clear thesis. After a thesis is developed, an outline is formulated to give guidelines on ideas presentation. Outlines provide order in an essay and once followed success is achieved. It also maps out the structure of an argument while making sure that paragraphs are unified.

After developing an outline, one should sit back and start writing the essay. The reader’s attention should be grabbed at the introduction. Paragraphs should be described using one-line sentences. A buildup of issues should be presented at the introduction. This brings the leader into the argument. Paragraphs should focus on a particular idea that is in agreement with the thesis. Paragraphs should start with topic sentences. Evidence should follow-up to assert the claims at hand. The body of the essay should address all the ideas shown in the outline. Paragraphs should have standard breath and length to achieve uniformity in the essay.

Once ideas have been exhausted, a quick review should be done at the conclusion section. This presents the main ideas in brief. A reader should be able to learn the writer’s motive and intentions by reading the conclusion. It is advisable to end the essay with a memorable thought or an interesting quotation. Some essays might include recommendation or the way out of a situation. The citation style indicated by the instructor should be adhered to. This will enable the essay to fulfill every requirement stipulated by the instructions. Writing is not over, until one goes through the work to correct language, grammar and typing errors. This will help achieve sentence flow, emphasis, rhythm, formality and tone.

Writing an essay. Custom Writing an essay Essay Writing Service || Writing an essay Essay samples, help

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