The US Airlines

Flights started back in 1903, and since then air travel has remained tall as a crucial means of transportation for both people and products. A revolution in the way people travel around the globe has been brought about since the invention of the first aircraft. In this case, this is an industry relied upon by quite a large number of people, not for transport only, but as a major way of earning a leaving (Jones, 2000).

The US airlines have been affected by many complications in its history. Some of these complications include incredible advancements in technology, presidential interventions, as well as deregulations, and bankruptcies. However, the years 9/11 following the attacks emerged to be the most tumultuous, as well as formative to the industry. The industry, despite the attacks, has been able to change in several ways. The industry has been seeing a decline in both fares and yields leading to many firms to down size. They also reduced their workplaces to compensate for these huge losses. Security in these airlines has been beefed up where the security administration, which is a part of the Homeland security department, took over the initiative of screening passengers in all the airports in the US. Some of the oldest airlines such as the Mexican airlines have ceased their operations, and others such as the Iraq Airlines that were directly affected by the American foreign policy closed their operations (US Airways, 1997).

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The other crucial thing to note about the industry is that radical airlines have been able to merge in the united continental Holdings. This was one way of reducing cost and improving on their services. This move was triggered to by the fact that these leading carriers were so much focused on cutting down their amenities, as well as battling for fuel prices; the low-level carriers were busy stepping their game up. Through the analysis conducted in 2006, it can be seen that the customer flying experience was going down in the industry despite  the technology advancement. The industry has also been affected by the fuel prices skyrocketing. These are some of the advancements and challenges affecting the industry.

The American airlines comprise a number of firms or Airlines such as Air Tran. The airline offers its services in the Midwest and the Eastern side of the United States. The Airline offers a roundtrip, acquisition commerce class, concourse connection, and Saturday night stay. As a way of trying to acquire a bigger market share by making sure that they give support to all worthwhile causes in every community that offer their services. They are kid sports and a group of employees taking place in the community development projects, among others. All these funds are set aside from the profits the Airline makes. The company was once a low fare leader in the US airlines industry. The company has been able to record revenues of 7-8 %, which has increased up to 13 %. These revenue gains were achievable despite the fact that there was a traffic drop of 0.3%. All this is in respect to the seat miles and the revenue passenger’s miles.

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The other company in the US Airline industry is the American Airlines – the well-known airlines in America and an AMR subsidiary corporation. The company headquarters is in Texas, which is adjacent to its largest hub. Its operations comprised of the domestic and international networks. AA services accounts for 85% of traffic, as well as 83 % landing fees. According to the market survey conducted in 2008, the company has been able to have a record of 14.8% as a domestic market share in the US airline industry. The company had anticipated making a profit of around $189 million, but the bankruptcy expenses that amounted to $54 million affected it. The company has been largely affected by the bankruptcy to a point of recording a loss of $241 million. In its operational objectives, the pilots association forwarded claims that the sick leaves given to the pilots result highly to the operational hiccups of the company. This forced the company to reduce its schedule by a 1- 2 percent. The aim was to minimize any possible impacts on customers travel plans and ensure that customers receive the best services ever.

America West Airlines - this company was located in the western side in the US, but in 2005, it merged with the US airlines. The airline was established in 1981, and its operation hubs were located in Las Vegas and Phoenix. The company was able to acquire a market share for both domestic and international market by the year 1989. In 1991, the company became bankrupt. Therefore, it restricted all its international flights and paired to other airlines such as Mesa so that it could be able to offer regional flight services. It was able to emerge from bankruptcy in 1994, and it attempted to start international routes, but they were not successful. The company merged with the US Airways so that it could be able to increase its market share and win over its competitors (Davies & Quastler, 1995).

The mission statement of these airline firms (America West Airline, Air Tran, and the US Airlines) seeks to ensure that all its employees have a good working environment. Every company’s employee has an equal chance to learn and develop his or her own personal skills. They also encourage innovation and creativity among the employees. Employees will also enjoy equal rights without any form of discrimination, and it is their obligation to market the companies well to their customers. This clearly shows that the companies are committed to endowing their employees. The respect level endowed to both the employees and customers is the same. The mission statements are unique in that they all recognize the employee’s importance in a broad business strategy. They all put emphasis on outstanding customer services, as well as efficiency in their operations. They all aim at seeing their employees earn loyalty dedication, as well as innovation; the reason is that they are the distinguishing factor between these companies and others.

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According to these companies mission statement, it is clear that employees are the key determinants of the company's success. The employees also market the company operations to their potential customers. This contributed to the respect endowed to these employees by the management. Therefore, they offer the right services to their customers giving the company a good reputation. However, there has been observed an increase in the operational unreliability by the APA. All this happens because of  the delays of mechanical factors and the management failure to cease from calling all furloughed pilots back to work. These operational uncertainties are caused by poor management objective in handling the sick leaves that are filled by pilots. As a result, there are cancellations of flights and inconveniencing the passengers (Ben-Yosef, 2005).

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