The Theory of Multiple Intelligence

Gardner says that his theory of MI (multiple intelligence) was shaped by his observation of "the biological of each problem-solving skill". Many issues are involved in informing gardener's opinions and deduction. Sufficient evidence on this is based on his criteria. His criteria identified the potential for brain isolation in the case of brain damage. It further looked at the place of this in the evolutionary history. The presence of operations that are core and susceptibility to symbolic expressions were further involved. Furthermore, Gardener establishes a distinct development progression. It sees the existence of exceptional people and finds much support from psychological findings. The intelligences talked about include bodily kinesthic, linguistic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, spatial, linguistic, naturalistic, musical and logical mathematical. All these are shaped by the biological of problem solving skills. This is important in his theory in a number of ways.

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We note that all these intelligences are shaped by the need for problem solving. This hence enables us understand the theory better. This could perhaps be well related to the adage that necessity is the matter of invention. From this fact we get to understand the theory better especially when we look at the intelligences and what informs them. Spatial intelligence looks at the mind's eye. This deals with the ability to visualize with the mind's eye. We get to understand this intelligence in the fact that there are many issues or problems that require spatial judgment and spatial intelligence thus becomes very important in puzzle like situation which need unveiling.

Furthermore, we get to note the fact that for linguistic intelligence it involves words and languages. People with this type of intelligence are good at reading and writing and for them we understand why it is easier for them to learn foreign languages. We also note that these people have high verbal memory and recall and for them it is easy to manipulate and understand structure and syntax. From this we thus note that this intelligence comes about to solve the problem with linguistics meaning issues to do with languages. We further get to understand naturalistic intelligence. This mainly involves issues with ones environment. it is important to understand ones environment adequately this will in effect make it to serve one efficiently. In this case therefore this intelligence emanates from the need for nurturing the environment and nature around us.

Logical mathematical intelligence comes out of the need to solve issues dealing with logic and reasoning. This is for instance things to do with arithmetic, programming and science. These are majorly problem solving fields that require lots of thinking hence as a   result some people have developed much intelligence on this field. Gardener also seeks to understand and establish existential intelligence which may also be referred to as spiritual intelligence which comes out of the need to understand things that are beyond human reasoning. Looks into addressing infinitesimal and infinite things and it is from this that we get such people as the scientists, cosmologists, philosophers and the priests.

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Man is a social animal and it's in this context therefore that interpersonal intelligence is developed. Meaning that, it comes about out of the need to interact with others. People with this intelligence are extroverts, have the ability to work as a group and have great sensitivity to their moods motivations temperaments and feelings. They thus enjoy working with others. On the other hand there are those with intrapersonal intelligence. This is exhibited by high levels of intuition and self reflective capacities. Such people know there weaknesses and strengths and can decipher their own motivations and feelings and hence the reason they keep to themselves and believe in working on their own.

Bodily kinesthetic intelligence comes out of the need to control ones bodily motions and the need to have a goal for a given physical action. In this case therefore people with this intelligence have a clear goal of the physical actions that they partake of, from this therefore this intelligence involves lots of physical learning and training of the responses to become like reflexes.

Each of these intelligences has been connected to a biological origin. For instance the bodily kinesthetic intelligence originates from reflex action where the body gets to train itself and conditions itself to physical movements. Spatial intelligence comes from the minds ability to make judgment and visualize with the mind's eye. This with much focus and attention comes out as intelligence useful in man's day to day activities.

Man is naturally born with the language acquisition device located in the left hand side of the brain. In line with these therefore we find that man develops linguistic intelligence. This therefore makes him to be well versed when it comes to both the written and spoken word thus words and languages becomes an easily manipulated since the intelligence comes in. Logical mathematical intelligence on the hand emanates from the traditional concept of IQ. All this involves the human mind's ability. It involves how issues to do with logic and reasoning and the understanding of abstract ideas.

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Musical intelligence emanates from our senses. More so, it looks at our sensitivity to sounds rhythms and music. This intelligence has a strong auditory component and those with a strong one will learn best and even language skills will be easily developed by them. Interpersonal and interpersonal intelligence are drawn from our temperance. It involves people's feelings and motivations which may be both extrinsic and intrinsic and thus determining how people relate to others. Naturalistic on the other hand is about the people's environment and how they relate with it. Thus people may develop consciousness to their environment and thus have the need to nurture it effectively for their benefit.

However, some biological issues have not been accounted for in this multiple intelligence theory. For instance, we note from cognitive neuroscience that the human brain is unlikely to function through gardener's multiple intelligence. We get to understand that looking at the neuron processing pathways and shared pathways for the various skills it is so unlikely that each of gardener's intelligence could operate through a different set of neural mechanisms. More so, gardeners MI lacks a well defined rationale for the phylogenetic emergence of the intelligences that he so describes. This would thus draw us to the fact that Gardener wrongly uses the word intelligence since he replaces it what traditionally was interpreted as ability and more so mental or cognitive ability of an individual. His classification is therefore more of an artistic judgment than a fact.

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