The Reflection Paper
  1. I was once elected chairman of a social youth group at my place of living. We had a problem of sustainability of funds since every year, we contributed a substantial amount of money to run and manage the group. We, therefore, needed a way of ensuring that the group becomes sustainable. I had a vision of the group becoming sustainable and even funded other projects run by some other groups in the region. I developed an idea of running a social club. I collected all data and facts that were necessary to start a social club. Then, I approached members of the group and informed them of my idea. I wanted them to buy my idea and make the group realize its vision. I convinced members of my committee that we could run a social club. I convinced them of how the club could be profitable to the group, and how we were going to benefit other youths who needed help. I asked them to comment on the idea and suggest ways of improving it.
  2. When I suggested my idea, I wanted everybody to embrace it and participate in making it successful. I, therefore, invested a lot of time to pass my knowledge about the idea and asked them to contribute their ideas to it. Most of the members accepted the idea although there were a few people who disagreed. Those who disagreed with it saw that we needed a substantial amount of capital to run this business. The group was still at the infant stage and, therefore, had little money to start the project. I, however, convinced them that we could get a low interest loan from any financial institution that will help us run the business. At the end of the day, the idea was accepted by every member of the group and as a result, was implemented.
  3. In various groups, it is not easy to share a vision. However, I could start by getting allies who can assist me in convincing other members to buy my vision. I would then let those whom I have convinced to perceive the idea as their own. Afterwards, I would use three essential tools to get other people share my vision. The three greatest tools in my own opinion are: evaluating the status quo, effective communication, and winning members’ trust. Evaluating status quo would help reveal the need for change. Effective communication would then make me pass the idea of the need for change and the importance of my vision. I would then strive to win their trust and accept my idea. The biggest obstacles that may block the implementation of the idea include perpetrators of the status quo, poor communication and passing of information and the lack of trust among members.
  4. All the three articles have touched on most essential points about sharing a vision. For instance, the articles have covered points such as communicating a vision in a clear way, convincing others of the importance of that vision, and connecting to people on a personal level (Maxwell). There is also an essential point touched that involves looking for allies who would help expounding and influencing people in terms of your vision (Gallo). However, some other points that should be considered involve winning the trust of your people, showing how much you can help them and lead by your own example.
  5. The world today is full of unending skirmishes. All of a sudden, there are rowdy youths here and there. There is the lack of peace. I have a vision of restoring peace in our society. I would like to have a world where youths enjoy being youths in a calm and peaceful way and where children grow in a friendly environment that is suitable for their development. I would share this vision with fellow youths and organizations that promote peace, because they are stakeholders in peace initiatives. Non-governmental organizations are experienced in reaching out to people on an individual basis and, therefore, can help in sharing out the vision. Youths are usually involved in destructing peace and, therefore, can be reached out to ensure that they learn about the importance of peace.

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