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Bernard Malamud is one of the most noted novelists of time who is able to give particular light towards the most considerable histories of real life stories pertaining to different individuals known to the society. Practically, it could be sensed that somehow this writer has already been one of the most celebrated story-tellers who is able to provide proper information about individuals he writes about. His direct involvement with the background of the people he tells a story about, it could be seen that his novels and narrations are among the most detailed presentations of the real matters. In this regard, it could be seen that his understanding of the most considerable presentation that could likely make a definite effect on how every situation in the actual field he uses as plot for the stories.

One of the successful stories that Malamud wrote and published is that of the novel narrative on the story of Roy Hobbs, a baseball star playing for the New York Knights, who was the primary actor of the novel. Roy Hobbs was observed to be one of the most priced players of the team but also one of the most pressured individuals in the team. Truthfully, this condition in his being has subjected him into many different stresses in his career. These stresses include that of making decisions that subjected him in viewing ethical measures in a more complicated manner. Due to this, he was further subjected to making abrupt decisions that have or have not resulted to good matters that affected both his reputation and his being as a person and as an athlete. These situations even pushed Hobbs to the limits causing him to kill individuals who used to mean something for him. It could be sensed that it is also due to this experience and situational matter that pushed his name into a risky bridge.

The story was considered as a strong depiction of what the world of baseball is really about. This is the reason why there have been a lot of film makers who got interested in making the novel into a film. It could be sensed that somehow, it was in 1984 that this novel has been filmed. Practically, it could be observed though that for the sake of filming, there had been some changes that were considered to be able to create a particular diversion on the process by which the story was presented for public viewing. Moreover, it could be noticed that somehow, there are different elements that contributed to these changes which practically made definite operative considerations that are essential for presenting the story in quite a different manner in comparison with that of the presentation used in the book.

One particular element to give consideration to is that of the change made in the end scene of the story. In the movie, it could be noted that he was presented to have been able to focus on how he tried to get his life back through visiting into the different backgrounds that he has experienced during his childhood years. Truthfully, he was even presented as someone who has been able to regain his reputation presented through the gift package used in the end including the different material possessions that were considered important for the said athlete.

Believably, it could be mentioned that somehow, these changes have been based upon the importance of seeing through the considerable practicalities of putting in the deleted sections of story from the written novel. Apparently, these sections were removed to impose on the possibilities of pushing the readers into thinking how the entire story should end. As it could be seen, the actual novel just ended with an open link that could possible make it less possible for the readers to step in a certain conclusion. This approach to creating an end for the novel has been basically used to impose proper understanding that Hobbs may or may not have been able to recover from the stresses that he has been under in his life as an athlete and as an individual who needed to regain his reputation from all the failures that he has been under in his life.

These changes were made practically to address the need and demands of the audience targeted. Practically readers ought to think more and they expect to decipher the messages imparted by the authors in their writings. Most often than not, it could be sensed that these features make it easier for the readers to imagine more of what is being presented in the stories. Through the use of properly mandated words and descriptive phrases that are able to make a good sense of the transition of the scenes which makes a good comprehensive way of describing the story and the different elements that are all comprised together to make  the story worth reading. The readers are expecting to be basically given a chance to see through the situations and be able to imagine what is presented to them.

On the other hand, visual audiences who watch movies have different demands from that of the readers. Likely, through the implication of modern technology, stories written in books become more lively and realistic due to the fact that the characters in the novel are given proper response and proper consideration. With the belief of making a good sense of what the entire story is actually about, the film made based on the story of Bernard Malamud was indeed able to provide a consideration on a more definitive way of using the proper resources to present the different truths that are to make a good impression on how the elements of the story would work well together to present the different messages that the authors and the story writers along with the directors would like to present to the target audiences.

The Natural. Custom The Natural Essay Writing Service || The Natural Essay samples, help

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