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Initially, the Gulf war began between Iraq and Kuwait; however, latter on the USA initiative some other countries interfered in it. This war was a lot more than a fight intended to set Kuwait free from its captives. The main target of both Iraq and the United States were the rich oil field of the country, and strong wish to become the most powerful country in the global arena. The paper will study the reasons, history and impacts of the Gulf war, focusing on the intentions of the parties, involved in the conflict.

This war is regarded to be the first non-conformist conflict, in which modern, fairly fresh, and tentative weapons were utilized. The Gulf War was characterized by the use of modern technology. It was mostly a battle between the newly invented weapons versus the conventional weaponry. The battles that had been experienced earlier depended on the conventional weapons. This was in contrast to the Gulf war as new weaponry was used in the military operations. This war was named “Operation Desert Storm” by the Americans. It was a defining moment in the history of the United States. It was one of those wars in which, “…Americans fought in and had very little loss of life” (Bin, Hill, & Jones 34). This was caused by the fact that approximately all troops out of five hundred thousand soldiers, who had been dispatched to this war, had returned home safely. This confrontation was further regarded as a determinant of “technological superiority,” in which the American armed forces hand an upper hand. The employment of missiles, guided bombs, and nearly undetectable planes made it unproblematic for the American armed forces to crush the main targets of Iraq on the battle fields.

The war commenced for the reason that Iraqi authoritarian leader, Saddam Hussein, alleged that Kuwait was producing excess oil, which he believed had been stolen from supplementary oil fields of his country. This promptly resulted in a fully fledged confrontation. These claims enabled Hussein, who had so much desire to control Kuwait’s oil, to invade Kuwait with the help of his troops. This action made the American president, George Bush, to be concerned about the political situation in the Middle East. As a rejoinder, he instantly called the Congress and directed them to develop a plan of actions against the Iraq dictator. Saddam Hussein had used the power of fear and mistreatment to frighten both his enemies, as well as his own nation. Congress accepted that the regime of Saddam Hussein had to be overthrown. The American President, therefore, dispatched about five hundred thousand soldiers to fight for the freedom of Kuwait, as well as its esteemed innate recourses. As indicated by Leyden (45), “fighter jets, stealth bombers, and B-2 bombers opened fire on the Kuwaiti soil”. In the course of the confrontation, the entire army forces of Iraq were destroyed. In addition, the way was cleared for the coming American ground troops. This made it a lot easier for the ground troops to overcome any significant resistance.

The Gulf War. Custom The Gulf War Essay Writing Service || The Gulf War Essay samples, help

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