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The increase date of global warming is jeopardizing future generations and has become the main talking point by environmentalists today. Kaigi (2007) has attributed global warming to increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which has been fuelled by unsustainable use of fossil fuels. Other than burning fuel unsustainably, there is increased deforestation that has led to decrease in units that trap carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The rise in global temperatures has increased in the 21st century. Therefore, it is upon the people from this century to come up with a strategy that will reduce combustion of fossil fuels. This means that we need to come up with an alternative energy source that does not have negative ecological effects. Borrego, Lemos, Carvalho & Coutinho (2000) have suggested that the most appropriate alternative source of energy is the sun. In this case, gadgets to trap the solar energy would be the best in the job. Solar panels are, therefore, first on the line and solar backpack would be ideal in this case.

The backpack will be used to tap energy from the sun. It will be convenient to carry due to its small size and weight. In order to have such a convenient backpack, its size should be small, but should have a large surface area to allow for maximum absorption of the sun. While hand on the back, it should have a reasonable size and weight so that people can carry it over long distances, especially in Australian rural areas where there is no electricity supply. It should measure14.5x20 inches in area and 2 inches thick when folded and 20x59 inches when unfolded. It weighs 8 pounds and 11oz. It should also have the ability to convert AC energy to DC depending on the attached electronic. Another advantage of the backpack is its ability to use power from old batteries and getting interconnected to others to increase output. It is durable and rugged. Its output is high with 62 Watts, and a Current of 3.6A at full sun.

The back pack is very good with the environment since it has no emissions and it harnesses energy that would have otherwise been lost (Boxwell, 2010), thus increasing the recyclability of the sun, which is the largest form of energy to the world. It, therefore, reduces power pressure from the hydro-electric power that is produced at some stages using fossil fuels.

New products have difficulties penetrating into the market. They take time before customers approve them and accept to buy them. The graph below is a simple representation of the process that new products follow in the market. Though some goods may be very appealing, because they omit most of the stages to get to maturity, most goods follow the graph. This is the same as in a typical society, where a majority are a wait-and-see type who will not be the first or the last to adopt a commodity. At the same time, some goods never pick in the market to maturity stage and phase out of the market before they are bought. These mainly include goods from highly revolutionalising industries such as technology. With a proper marketing approach, the backpack will follow the normal graph as shown in the diagram.

The extent, at which we have reached in terms of environmental degradation, has been as a result of insensitive industrialisation where emissions either in form of gases or solid waste is released to the environment in their harmful conditions. The production of these backpacks should be done in well controlled environments that will ensure that there will be no negative effects on any other people who will be used during production or to the customers. It will ensure that everyone is satisfied and even those not using it do not complain of its effects. This is known as corporate social responsibility.  It will have a triple bottom line that considers economical, environmental and social effects of the introduction of a product.

The backpack will not need any maintenance apart from periodical cleaning. It will need no external care, since it is not fragile. A standard one will produce 64 Watts of power while there will be other sizes to suit the needs and abilities of the customers. An easy to clean, long lasting nylon back pack is all what people need.

The back packs resemble bags and are highly portable. They are easy to carry around, and can be easily be mistaken for bags. They are attractive and comfortable to carry, fold and unfold. Once unfolded, they resemble sheets and would be easily mistaken for nylon mats were it not for the short wires that move within the spread sheets.

Pricing of the backpack will be done depending on their power output, which will be proportional to size and nylon quality. A market research to determine how many people need the pack will be done and pricing done within their ability without reducing the ability of the manufacturer to produce more due to losses. Further, as described by Solis (2011), market skimming pricing, neutral pricing and marketing penetration pricing models will be used to aid in effectively determining prices.

The backpack will target the rural areas of Australia and the people who go for expeditions. Areas, where people visit regularly, will be target points since some do not use their laptops and cameras.  In these areas, the backpacks will be appropriate answer to their power dilemma. They will be highly used in summer and spring due to the availability of the sun. However, they will be used in cars, old batteries among others. 

The Date of Global Warming. Custom The Date of Global Warming Essay Writing Service || The Date of Global Warming Essay samples, help

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