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Today T-mobile is the one of the largest U.S. mobile operators, which is a subsidiary of German operator Deutsche Telekom, the German telecommunications company. The company is driven by the mission to create comfortable conditions for mobile communication for their customers, providing the opportunity for them to communicate regardless of time limits and distances. Working on one of the most dynamically developing and perspective markets, they aim to contribute to the prosperity of this economic sector, developing innovative mobile communications services that unite people, make their life more dynamic and reveal their potential.  Reliability, simplicity and inspiration are proclaimed as the main three values of the company.

The main aim of T-mobile is the maintenance of a sustainable mobile communication infrastructure and ensuring the possibility of using beneficial relationship. Thus, they try to erase geographic boundaries, increasing the efficiency of communication for customers, making a cell phone accessible means of communication. They strive to be a company that is open to the public, tactful in relation with partners and competitors and transparent to clients.

On the way to the implementation of its mission, the company actively develops the following areas of business. First of all, they are constantly improving the quality of customer service as they are committed to meet the needs of customers in high-tech, high quality and affordable communication standard. Because of this reason, the constant monitoring of the quality of services is carried out, the quality of the subscriber and dealer service and implemented measures for their continuous improvement.

 T-Mobile has its share ownership in some Eastern European mobile operators. In general, T-Mobile has now about 109 million subscribers, making it the 4th largest mobile operator in the world. In March 2011, the holding company Deutsche Telekom signed an agreement together with AT & T, according to which the latter acquire T-Mobile USA for $ 39 billion, but due to difficulties with regulators, AT & T has abandoned plans to complete the absorption of USA T -Mobile.

After the end of the prolonged process of merging, which eventually did not take place the T-Mobile operator lost its positions in comparison with competitors Verizon and Sprint, which began selling Apple iPhone last year. In addition, T-Mobile may continue to lose its positions, as its larger competitors are far ahead of the company for the transition of usage of standard 4G LTE. Currently, T-Mobile plans to focus on standard HSPA +, which is advertised as «4G», and later also move to LTE.

Recently, U.S. T-Mobile and MetroPCS decided to merge the business to increase their chances of winning the fight with three strong competitors: AT & T, Verizon and Sprint. The new company will retain the brand T-Mobile and integrate 42.5 million subscribers, which, however, would not allow them to rise above the level of the fourth ranking American operators. But much more importantly, it can increase the number of available T-Mobile frequencies, which should ultimately result in improved quality and develop new offerings for customers. MetroPCS subscribers sooner or later will have to exchange their existing phones and SIM cards to those that are provided by T-Mobile. The deal will be closed in 2013, and the network MetroPCS will be eliminated no later than 2015.

Another urgent focus of the company has been the improvement of the review of incoming invoices for payment system. Because of the lack of background information on the document or lender due to lack of access to original documents, employees from various territorial divisions of T-Mobile worked with accounts and spend great amount of time on searching and collecting the data. Due to the long approval of payment accounts, dissatisfaction of counterparties has significantly increased, which lead to a complication of relations with them.

The IBM FileNet provided company with the solution. The aim of the project was to reduce the cost of the process of improvement of invoices payment. Electronic archive billing was set up and the process of review and approval of incoming invoices was automated. Account reconciliation process was further built and the rules handling the account were set automatically.

The results of the project implementation are tremendous. First of all, the cost of processing documents by minimizing the processing time of documents is being reduced. Information on the approval process for accounts to other units has become available. Quick access to accounts and related documents has been established. Transparency of the decision making process for payment has been set up as well as relations with contractors have been considerably improved.  

T-mobile Report. Custom T-mobile Report Essay Writing Service || T-mobile Report Essay samples, help

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