Significance of Corporate Bribes

Corporate bribes are to some extent viewed as a means for securing opportunities by corporations so as to operate internationally competitively. But in regard to business ethics of an organization, it is not possible to employ this mode of securing global opportunities, as they do not comply with business ethics. The economic viability is responsible with checking the business ethics and ideal moral principles, where standards of business ethics are derived. For a multinational company to adapt proper business ethics, it is thus imperative to decide on cultural relativism, which has the implication, that the moral values are defined by a culture where there are no universal standards of morality applicable to all different societies (Fieser). The problem of relativism places a corporation in the moral context of America culture, and on the other hand the moral context of foreign culture. The ethics of profit driven allows multinational corporations to adopt the least costly moral principle in the context of a given culture (Up Front Blog, 2010). Thus, there are universal morals which the corporations have that cross the cultural boundaries, and are appropriate for their activities. This call for the corporations to follow norms that constitute a moral minimum advocated by all societies, the principle of honesty and trust at the market place, and norm where there is no violation of human rights which creates an economic liberty (Ferrell, Fraedrich, & Ferrell, 2011).

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Therefore acceptance of economic liberty encompasses the whole liberty package, which means business should not operate in nations where there is violation of human rights. The fear of punishment by government is the motivator for corporations to follow moral principles that monitors the actions of corporations. Without monitoring business could be embedded to reasons of profits with no regard to human interests(Fieser). Placing of stricter laws that prohibits the culture of bribing enables corporations to have a universal obligation that deliver business ethics. This is an economic driver as corporations do competitively operates globally offering the best moral ethics to the interest of all cultural diversities.

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