The City of God

The City of God is one of the Christian books written in an expression of diverse views that the Catholics have on issues such that regards God, martyrdom and other Christian philosophy. This book illustrates the stand taken by the Catholic due to their views on particular issues that are integral to their faith and way of life as Christian.  In the book, the Catholic views are manifested on how they view the world in relation with Christianity which differs from what other groups such as Moslems have. This book as written by Augustine came as an answer to the competition that Christianity was facing from other religions. The views exemplified in the book when compared to the Moslem World views reveal a distinct variation which explains the different stand taken by Catholics on nature of heaven, conflicts and peace, what produces peace and on eternal peace.From the book, the catholic do believe that there are two kind of cities; one an earthly city and another one a heavenly city. As highlighted in the book, both cities are made out of love though the love as expressed in the two cities differs. The earthly city is full of self-love which receives little admiration from the Catholics such as Augustine himself (Augustine 527). On the other hand, the city of God is made up of love for God which is termed as love for "true God" (Bettenson 220). The people in the earthly city seek their own glory while those in heavenly city Glorify God in their ways. The heavenly city is indeed a contrast to the earthly city since its dwellers are love God so much and deny their self-interest (Wogaman 123).

The Catholics perceive the world as full of grief and woe to lack of peace in it. As illustrated by Augustine, the earthly city is divided against each other with fights and quarrels which will never end until men access the city of God. The city can remain happy if it accepts Gods love within itself which will keep it at peace (Dyson 1074). The Catholics also regard that God and the Holy Spirit are one and the purpose of the Holy Spirit is to guide man in his pursuits here on earth (Augustine and Schaff 210). This view points out that the City of God has men moved by the Holy Spirit while the earthly city does not. The Catholic view that man can escape the death and suffering by being converted to the city of God which has peace and tranquility. It is for this reason that men pursue God in order to enter into eternal joy (Bettenson 1097). The book also displays the catholic view on scripture as good news and a way of accessing God city. Written by men moved by God, the scriptures bring light to the heart of men (Augustine and Schaff 151).  

Comparing the Catholic views of the world with that held by the Moslems, it is clear that there exists a gap between them. For instance, the Moslems regard that though God requires man to love Him; man should love God but at the same time uphold his self. This does not correspond to the Catholic view which implies that man must overlook his self-interest to love God. Additionally, the Moslems view that God derives Glory from men when men glory for what they do on earth. This view contradicts the Catholic view that men who dwell in the city of God ought to praise and glorify God and not themselves.  In fact, the Catholics believe that glorification of men leads to sin and woe. On the view pain and suffering, the catholic perceive that God uses pain and death to punish people but those in the city of God will live eternally. The Moslem on the other hand refutes this saying that the world will not be repopulated. From these statements, ut is evident that the Catholic and Moslem view differ.

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