Pillars of Islam

The Five Pillars of Islam act as the cornerstone of Muslim life (Wagner, 2004). They include the faith in one God and the belief that Muhammad is the God’s messenger; daily players; almsgiving; fasting in the course of Ramadan; and the last pillar is the pilgrimage to Mecca (Wagner, 2004). The first pillar is common to Muslims, Jews, and Christians because they are all monotheistic, and they believe in the same God. This discussion will consider whether Allah, El, and Jehovah refer to the same God in Muslim, Judaism, and Christianity respectively, and whether or not the three religions share a common origin and have a common truth.

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Allah, El, and Jehovah refer to the same God (Wagner, 2004). The Arab Christians consider Allah as God in the Bible because Allah stems from IL or El, which both Arabic and Hebrew have in common. Therefore, in Hebrew, some names end with – el, for instance  Israel, Ishmael, and Emmanuel. Emmanuel is another name for Jesus, and it means God with us (Wagner, 2004). The Bible uses these words as the titles for Jehovah while the Muslims consider Allah as God’s personal name but not God’s title as Christians say. Thus, Jehovah, El, and Allah are the true names of God according to Christians, Jews, and Muslims respectively. However, either of the religion considers the other two names as the titles of God (Wagner, 2004).

The three religions must have a common origin because they share a number of beliefs and history (Wagner, 2004). Christians, Jews, and Muslims believe in the same God, and they are monotheistic. However, the three religions may use different names to refer to the same and one God. The Hebrew Bible shows that Muslim, Judaism, and Christianity share the common history, which is the covenant that God made with Abraham (Wagner, 2004). These religions possess peaceful beliefs and messages, and they emphasize the significance of ethical life and making honorable and right decisions. They consider murder of innocent individuals as a grave offense. Therefore, Muslim, Judaism, and Christianity share common origin and truth (Wagner, 2004).

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