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The psychology behind sexual arousal is very complex and dynamic. However, to my best understanding, sexual arousal comes into play when a sexually viable male and female willingly engage into in an intimate relationship. While in a sexual activity, most males would like to see their female partners satisfied by making sure that they attain orgasm.

On the other hand, females strive to make their men feel sexually able and superior. The only way a man will feel sexually superior is when he is able to drive his woman to orgasm several times when they engage in a sexual intercourse. To keep their men’s ego, some women fake orgasm to deliberately make their men feel good. Although this deception is believed to nourish and keep the relationship, I personally see this as a short term solution that can never last for long. In the long run, such unsatisfied pretenders end up secretly being unfaithful to their partners in search for satisfaction. Therefore, it is advisable for partners to be free and express their true feelings to each other for mutual satisfaction and understanding. 

On personal grounds and contribution to the discussion, I believe that many people fake orgasms and this happens often to women who strive to make their men happy. Personally, it has been hard for me to realize my partner faking orgasm and therefore believe that this has not happened to me. We always embrace realistic feelings and willingness to engage in the act. Sweet love words, promises, and assurance on matters of faithfulness and trust are key pillars to strengthen the love and the willingness which also boots arousal. Communication should be of low tone and full of persuasive language. Men tend to attain orgasm easily but fewer times. However, although it takes time for a woman to attain orgasm, it so happens that she subsequently attains the status many times thereafter as compared to men.

Men who have suffered spinal cord injury can still erect, but the straining nature just before orgasm might prove difficult to them. Although they can ejaculate on some occasions, the feeling may not be as sweet as it is for a healthy man. Orgasm is a status that is complex to define by words. The physical expression is the best teacher. Giving it a try, orgasm is the sweetest feeling where one looses mind to unconscious expression. Although it is a varied feeling among individuals, some people tend to scream, others talk in tongues while the others decide to go quite with a hissing sound of sweetness. It is a crazy feeling that makes our heads ‘run nuts’.

Psychology: Sexual Arousal. Custom Psychology: Sexual Arousal Essay Writing Service || Psychology: Sexual Arousal Essay samples, help

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