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The main themes that were raised by Vivian S. Louie in “Ethnic Culture, Immigration and Race in America” are what motivates the Chinese –American immigrants to pursue education and excel in it and life generally relative to other immigrants, and the reason as to why they invite hate and admiration in equal measure.

In American society, Asian -Americans are admired for their obvious excellence at school, but are secretly hated for outshining the ‘indigenes’ white Americans in academic and social life spheres. The reason for the Chinese’s prodigy in academics is that they are brought up in such a way that they value education as a way of scaling to the top in society. Their homeland has nurtured a culture of emphasis on exams and meritocracy in education and thus, to them education was for stratification purposes. Passing well in education is not only an individual’s feat but also a family and ethnic triumph. So, when they come to America where the education system is open, they seize the opportunity and excel. The fact that Asian parents are strict compared to other parents serves the Asian immigrants well as they cultivate a discipline that values, education, family and hard work. The parents can do anything to bring up their children well, including relocating to other suburbs. That most of the Chinese-Americans are aware of the subtle upward mobility barriers for a foreigner in America push their children harder to be exceptional so as to earn a place in the high society.

The enclave existence setup adopted by Asian immigrants help to retain the positive ethnic ethics, such as value for hard work and education, unlike it is the case with other immigrants, who try to integrate in the mainstream America and get lost. The Chinese immigrants mostly come to America with single minded determination to seek better education opportunities for their children, and they happen to be aware of the good schools right from their homeland. However, despite their hard work at school, the subtle discrimination still existing in America makes them not get rewarded equally with Americans for the same efforts. The Asian-Americans have fewer career advancement opportunities than the white Americans.

All in all, the Asian -American’s predicament is not peculiar as Jews face the same in America. The Asian-Americans are also not that badly off as they are at the middle of the American society. They have after all benefitted more from being in America education-wise than they would in their homeland. After all, the role of education in the Asian-American’s upward social mobility is supreme. Clearly, the answers to the main questions adduced here are quite satisfactory from the author’s arguments.

Chinese –American Immigrants. Custom Chinese –American Immigrants Essay Writing Service || Chinese –American Immigrants Essay samples, help

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