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Drones are unmanned combat aircrafts that are used to enhance tight security against terrorism activities in the vulnerable regions. Drone strikes are mostly used by the Central Intelligence Agency’s special activities division. The escalation in drone strikes in recent years in Pakistan due to the continued increase of terrorism activities across the world that is virtually operated from obnoxious regions in Northwest Pakistan since the year 2004 under the presidency of George Walker Bush. Pakistan is an Islamic country in the Middle East admired by many terrorist organizations due to its geographical land shape. The activities of terrorists affect every human being irrespective of race, color, religion and sex. As stated in the article, use of drones has increasing significantly. Currently, nearly 40 countries have the potential to manufacture and use drones. Experts worry that uncontrolled use of drones may pose a danger to the world and question the morals behind the use of drone strikes. My perspective is that drone warfare is ethical and justified.

Use of drones must be enhanced, especially in combating extremist elements, such as the Al-Qaeda. It is apparent that current world is a sophisticated world with highly advanced technology. Therefore, with the increase in global terrorism, the use of advanced technology including use of drones is justified and is in tandem with international law (Lamb, 2010). The bombing of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in the United States of America is also one of the route causes for use of aerial surveillance and drone strikes in areas of target in most regions where the terrorists, most probably, are operating from. There is an increased religious propaganda encouraging Muslims to join jihadists. Increased propaganda has made many people to become sympathizers of the terrorists and their terrorist organizations, mostly in the Middle East and Pakistan in particular. Terrorists in Pakistan frequently operate from Northwest Pakistan, which is hilly with bad land terrain making it dangerous to deploy ground forces, hence necessary to use drone strikes. The government of Pakistan oftenly criticizes these drone strike operations, however, it shares some security intelligence. Use of enhanced technology and drones must be encouraged to help combat sophisticated crimes and dismantle terror networks. Drones are man-less and therefore, it minimizes risks on the part of soldiers. In addition, drones use sophisticated technology with a high degree of precision hence minimizing casualties on the ground (Singer, 2009).

Drone strikes in Pakistan are always directed to anti-American sentiments in Pakistan and these are terrorist organizations like Al-Qaeda and the Taliban who operate from the Middle East and more so in Pakistan. The United States is justified in using drones to protect its citizens and the world. First of all, the USA protects its citizens within the USA and others who might be living in the diaspora outside the USA, and by so doing it also gets to offer security and protection to those countries. Terrorism activities affect the economy of the US and other countries through a number of ways. They hijack cargo ships and capture tourists whose activities contribute income to host countries. They kill productive groups through their malicious bombings and propagating religious hatred, which makes people uncomfortable with people of other denominations. All these activities have a negative impact to the world economies. For instance, people feel unsafe at their work place, consequently, this lead to poor performance, which lowers or affects the country’s GDP.

According to Vanden (2010), drone strikes are carried out to defeat the Taliban and the Al-Qaeda. According to authorities, drone strikes are pin pointed to terror groups after careful screening. The practice takes place at the agency’s counter-terrorist center involves lawyers who agree on it before the operation is carried out on an individual, if the lawyers does not approve the drone strike operation it is then denied. The drone strikes began under the presidency of George Walker Bush, and there were witnessed 52 drone strikes and it has tremendously increased under President Barack Obama, 298 recorded drone strikes. This brought some gains in the year 2011 when the US Navy Seals carried out an operation that led to the death of Al-Qaeda leader and the most wanted terrorist by the United States, Osama bin Laden. Many deaths of many Al-Qaeda followers were reported; some of them were killed in East Africa in Somalia. Osama bin Laden was killed in Abbortabat in Pakistan. He almost let to diplomatic mistrust between Pakistan and USA. Since the president of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari had promised to work closely with the US authority in cubing terrorism, but Osama bin Laden’s place of death gave some suspicions to the American government, in particular that he might be hiding the Al-Qaeda members, so this is a strong evidence to support drone strikes in Pakistan

In conclusion, use of drones, especially by the United States intelligence agencies is ethical and it is meant to protect the world from dangerous activities of extremists groups. However, uncontrolled use of drone strikes is no ethical and risky to the security of the world. They must be sufficient laws to curb the adoption and use of drone technology to ensure that the technology does not land in the hands of dangerous elements.

Drone Warfare: Ethical or Not. Custom Drone Warfare: Ethical or Not Essay Writing Service || Drone Warfare: Ethical or Not Essay samples, help

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