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From time in history, individuals have put their time and resources to search for truth and the reality of the world we live in. The search for truth and reality is called philosophy. The nursing philosophy is interested to examine the relationship that has existed between truth and ideals of the nursing profession. Examining of the truth and ideal of the nursing profession, help in creation of beliefs and ideals that are crucial for the formation of the framework for nursing practice. The framework for the nursing practice is crucial for helping in guiding in the day to day operations of those in the nursing profession nurses. The philosophy of nursing can be from a personal perspective (individual) or it can be global for all nurses. An Individual philosophy relates to a specific nurse and it tells of an individual nurse's personal values, the logic she possesses morals, and the nurse’s ethics. The Global philosophy of nursing is usually the philosophy that have been accepted by nursing groups or organizations, the global philosophy can also be adopted by various bodies that impact on knowledge on nursing, these bodies include nursing colleges, organization for nurses and hospitals.

The philosophy of nursing is generally very dynamic and tends to keep on changing over time and with the prevailing circumstances. The nursing philosophy is influenced to a great extent by the era of the day and the environment in which the nurses are practicing their profession. Nursing philosophy and theory are to a great extent very much related. When we define nursing philosophy to be the search for truth in the nursing profession, then we can also define nursing theory to be tentative prediction of the expected outcome from the search. The Nursing philosophy is important in the formation of the framework of the reference of the scientific approach of the nursing profession by development of a logical and sensible body of scientific evidence into the profession. The Nursing philosophy has for time given practice of nursing important the all important credibility test and has defined the nursing profession.

When nurses make discussion on morality issues such as; assisted suicide , believing that patients who have been diagnosed with terminally illness should live lives that are free from pain, this discussions are true expression of philosophy of nursing as it shows what a nurse believes on a particular issue that is difficult to make a decision on. Also when nurses make predictions of whether their nursing intervention will be of benefit to a particular patient. The intervention can be by defining of the various options in such issues as pain management what will be effective in pain management to a particular patient, this help a nurse to form important theories on her practice. Also when nurses through testing discover some given nursing intervention works better than other interventions, then the nurse without a doubt is able to develop a logical scientific body and evidence is developed on a particular topic of interest in the nursing profession.  Philosophy, science and theory all flow from one concept to the other and each is dependent on each other. Individual philosophies of nurses are used as the ground work as they are all combined with the philosophies of other nurses in the profession to form the global philosophy for nursing profession. The philosophy formed has a very crucial and important impact on the way nurses practice their profession by using the scientific theory. It is crucial though for individual nurses to evaluate their own nursing philosophy.

 I have always wanted to be a nurse since I was a child since I was a child. I was greatly influenced by the nursing profession by my mother who all her life was a nurse in the local health centre. She seemed to love her job and worked very hard. Ever since I became a nurse I have never stopped to marvel at how our patients, who don’t know us and have never see us before, open their hearts to us a share with us their all their deepest and biggest fears, this happens while they are under our care in the health care settings such as a hospital or a health care system. These patients expect us to care for them and be confidential in all they have shared with us.

My personal philosophy of nursing as a professional nurse is:  to my patients, I always and I will always take into account my  patient’s physiologic and also importantly their psychological needs, I will ensure I provide for their need by ensuring I put all the efforts into ensuring their total well being is cared for.  I will always ensure that my services help the patients to attain a maximum state of care that will help them attain the best sate getting well possible this can be by ensuring that my patients get dignified death if they are terminally ill. I my nursing environment, also part of my nursing philosophy is to my colleagues in the nursing profession and the health profession at large, this includes doctors, clinical officers and other nurses and others, I will always ensure that I communicate with all those in the health profession all information in my knowledge that might be of great need to them. Also as a nurse, I will always ensure I minimize conflict with any of my colleagues and always be social to them.  In brief my nursing philosophy is to alleviate pain to all those who come into contact with me and to provide all the best care to the best of my ability. 

Nursing Philosophy. Custom Nursing Philosophy Essay Writing Service || Nursing Philosophy Essay samples, help

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