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The thought of the meaning of life is inextricably linked with another thought - about the meaning and ultimate purpose of the universe itself. In this context, life is meaningless if the whole universe is pointless. Empirical data, acquired to date, lead to a positive conclusion that the universe is a single integrated system, connected by gravity. Despite the spontaneous, "accidental" nature of self-development, all levels of organization of matter (that are fragments of "The Universe" system) have common characteristics. Moreover, the development of the universe is characterized by a certain ‘orientation’ even in the absence of a purposeful start. This ‘orientability’ acts in the direction of ‘sophistication’ or complication of the material generations, and the genesis of life and mind.

No matter how and where I look for the meaning of life, I always result in coming to the idea of God as the only reality, where this meaning could be realized, and which reconcile and justify the entire global empirical nonsense. It is Christ's resurrection that sacrosanctly confirmed the victory of life meaning over its meaningless, of life over death. Metaphysical omnipotence of Good is certified in its very powerlessness and therefore the conditions of life meaning are self-evidently realizable, despite the empirical meaninglessness of life.  From this point of view I can say with certainty that life has a meaning and this meaning is easily realizable for all of us  because God is with us, in us. Its true meaning lays in the formula "Thy kingdom come." In my humble opinion, the aim and final goal of humanity resides in the world's dissolution in God. Whereas, the world is impossible to comprehend in mundane forms; the very attempt to find an absolute sense or interpretation in an empirical life is doomed to failure.

Moreover, the meaning of life cannot be found ready-made, given once and for all, we can only achieve its implementation. In other words, the meaning of life should be in us, we should evince it in ourselves. In this regard, to ‘find’ the meaning of life is to strain the internal forces for its revelation and fulfillment. Therefore, the search for the meaning of life is always a struggle of sense against nonsense. The symbol of this struggle is the cross, the acceptance of which is equal to the attainment of truth-centered life.

From the viewpoint of the highest good (God), the human history and the global cosmic life acquire a metaphysical meaning. For if the history of humanity is as if the ‘history of consecutive crash of all human hopes’, then  only to the extent that they themselves are blind and false hopes and include violations of the eternal commandments of God's wisdom. Along with this, the inviolable truth of God is established in human history, which is a dolesome, but a reasonably intelligent way of all mankind's life. Makes sense not the history itself in all its manifestations, but its metaphysical resultant. I reckon that the great and the only thing by means of which we truly realize the meaning of life, and by which something really significant is done, is the revival of its innermost tissue, the dissolution of the forces of evil and ‘repletion’ of the world with forces of good. This concern is a truly metaphysical matter, a theandric process, in which a person performs merely the role of a companion.     

The meaning of life is in its assertion in the eternal. As our lives and outreach reside in close contact with the eternal and penetrate it, humanity can expect to achieve the meaning in life (e.g., the virtued participation in the theanthropic life).

Human Life. Custom Human Life Essay Writing Service || Human Life Essay samples, help

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