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Chinese people are known for their cultural belief to appease the spirits of the dead, which is done through various ceremonies and measures. The Chinese people have a lot of respect for the dead, and they believe that the dead cannot rest until their final demands and quests on earth are met. Appeasing the dead can be done through many ways, e.g.  through cremation, revenge, and achieving what the dead had left unaccomplished. The cultural belief in taking revenge for the dead has been passed from generation to generation. The urge to revenge for the dead has seen the Chinese people move from nothing to something. The urge is so strong that the Chinese people are at times willing to sacrifice everything to achieve this quest.

Revenge is not an easy thing, especially when it becomes a passion. However, people who are able to control their hatred during the revenge live happily even after the consequences that befall them. Revenge for the dead can sometimes be used for a legitimate purpose such as accomplishing a mission that the dead had never accomplished. The mission can be building a house or buying some assets. Such urge to accomplish the mission unfinished by the deceased always ends in peace for both the living and the dead. On the other hand, joy is also achieved, when someone takes revenge for a dead victim.

For instance, if a person was killed by a known assailant and the law was not applied against the murderer, such a crime is punishable by death in many social settings. It leaves a large scar in the victim’s family to know that a murderer for their loved one is on loose in the society. For the Chinese beliefs, the dead victim’s soul will not rest in peace if the murderer is not punished. All Chinese people are supposed to revenge for the dead. It is the duty of the victim’s family to take revenge on behalf of the dead and appease them.  Therefore, any member of the victim’s family is to take revenge by punishing the murderer in any form.

Taking revenge as a cultural belief is acceptable in many other communities and even justified by some laws. However, popular culture does not recognize the validity of appeasing the dead as a reasonable idea for taking revenge. The popular cultural belief is that revenging is for one’s own benefit. In traditional cultural belief, the entity of respecting the dead’s wishes is put before everything else. Due to a generational change, it has become exceedingly hard to accept that the issue of revenge is connected directly to the dead. The popular cultural belief on revenge has been influenced by the generational change and challenges.  The challenges include exposure to other cultural beliefs and the rampant cultural declination due to intermarriages and work-related ethics.

I was born a Chinese and have been watching in person the application of the cultural belief about taking revenge to appease the dead. At some point in life, the idea of appeasing the dead has undoubtedly helped me.

I have seen the widespread relations between the traditional Chinese beliefs and the more recent upcoming popular culture, such as Taoism. I have grown to take a firm belief that there is a continuing life after death. As a Chinese, I believe that the soul of a departed person is made up of yin and yang mechanism called Hun and Po.  Stories have been passed from generation to generation about the importance of giving the dead their due respect. I have heard the famous story of King Xuan (827-783 BC). The Chinese records and stories say that King Xuan executed his minister on false charges. Three years later the ghost of the minister Tu Po came back to seek revenge after no one sought revenge. This is clear evidence that there is life after death. Personally, I have come in a close encounter with the afterlife ghosts. My uncle was a talented man who could adapt to any life situation. However, before he could make his biggest achievement he died. Each day I get visions of my uncle in my dreams telling me to move on with life and achieve his unfulfilled dream. These visions provide me with the absolute confidence and motivation to achieve what my uncle did not.

It is my duty as a relative of my late uncle to achieve what the gods had promised to our family lineage. The pressure to achieve gives me the motivation to move forward in life and always work hard. I believe that if I fulfill my uncle’s unaccomplished mission, I will appease my uncle and the living members of my family.

Chinese People. Custom Chinese People Essay Writing Service || Chinese People Essay samples, help

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