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My Dream is a satirical essay written by Lucian. Lucian was a Greek, and in his essay titled My Dream, he narrates his earlier life after school in search for means of sustenance. Lucian was extremely skillful in writing; in his works he criticized the experiences of his daily activities. He used the knowledge he obtained from various professions to write. Lucian describes his childhood and the period that he had just left school. His father called for a meeting to decide on his future profession. Lucian explained that most of his peers considered that cultural life required one to toil, spend as much time, as money. They viewed life as only for the fortune for favorites. Thus, he decided that instead of depending on his father, he should be involved in some income generating activity and before so long, his family would welcome his contribution. The first choice for a school dropout is to select one of the most favorite manual labors that is easy to handle and profitable. Education is more valuable than cultural ties that may subject an individual into jobs that may not lead to a prosperous life.

In My Dream, Lucian has made use of the appeal of logic that he presents to the audience in a well-founded and a logical manner that helps in persuading the readers. For instance, the massage that Lucian is portraying to the readers is that human choices are influenced by many societal factors.  According to Lucian, various suggestions were made, based on the views of those who met to decide on his destiny. On the part of his father, Lucian would do better, if he joined his uncle in craftsmanship. Lucian was left under the charge of his uncle to teach him how to earn a living from sculptor. This appeals to the readers, because, as a parent, one must understand the talents of teenagers. The decision of his father relied on his experiences of making sculptors with wax. After school, Lucian was able to scrape of wax from his tablets to make various sculptors. In the meeting, his hobby in sculptor was taken as an evidence of a natural talent that he could use to earn a living (Carson 4).

Lucian states that he was handed over to his uncle reluctantly, and he thought that he would find the job amusing and be in a position to impress his peers. He fantasized his peers seeing him making skilled crafts, such as chiseling gods and creating images for himself and his favorites. However, his initial experience was changed to be brutality after breaking his uncle’s plaque. His uncle flew into a rage and gave him a nice introduction to the occupation that according to him, he thought could be gentle and more encouraging. Through the use of the choice of language, Luciano makes the readers understand his attitudes towards his uncle. He left his uncle and fled home and explained his experiences to his parents. At night, he was still in grief from the beating he received from his uncle; his argument was that, his uncle envied him. Thus, in this episode, Lucian has used a harsh tone that indicated his attitude towards his uncle. This becomes the author’s ethical appeal to the readers (Crowley 3).

As he slept, Lucian was involved in a dream that was so vivid to distinguish from the reality. Many people have personal experiences in dreams. For instance, in his dream, Lucian pictures two women fighting over his future, the two women are used to describe different classes of human occupation, skilled and the unskilled. The women tried persistently to draw Lucian on their way. He states that he was nearly pulled in two, and all the time the women were protesting loudly (Carson 5). The pictures he saw of the two women included a working woman who was masculine looking and looked untidy, and he resembled the status of his uncle when he was chipping marble. On the other hand, the other woman was exceedingly decent and had a beautiful face with a neat dressing. The first woman described herself as the art that Lucian had decided to learn, and which has a natural, as well as, a family domination upon him. The woman explained that 'she is the art that has manifested itself in the family members of Lucian and it brought them credit ' (Carson 4). The woman explained that, through art, Lucian would be in a position to support him, be stationed in one place, and be commended for the works and not words. The woman provided examples of talented artisans and their works that had been recognized and worshipped.

The other woman represented education and emphasized to Lucian that the profession of a sculptor will amount to hard labor done manually, and the whole prospects of life is limited to that, as well as earn meager salary. The influence of a sculptor will not help his close companions or impress anybody. Moreover, nobody would want to be associated with a sculptor. The woman who represented education reminded him that education will enable him to analyze the marvelous deeds and the contribution of the men of the old days. The fruits of education can change the life of an individual. Moreover, education makes an individual be honored and praised with the fame of high achievement. The woman also reiterated that education makes an individual dress neatly, and to achieve respect from the high-borne and the affluent. A dream can be interpreted through the daily occurrences.

In conclusion, a dream can open a vision to an individual not to be guided by the culture, particularly those who live in fear of poverty. Through Lucian’s dream, an individual can get a better example to mind entering the right or wrong direction. If compared to the boys of Lucian’s days, a dream can change the lives of those who are in pursuit of the best and devote themselves to the pursuit of culture, regardless of immediate poverty.

In conclusion, in My Dream, Lucian has blended both prose and verse, both in high and low styles that flow smoothly from a Platonic dialogue to a satirical work within the same story. The basic invention of Lucian was to change a serious philosophical dialogue into a channel of mockery. Thus, Lucian addresses the audience so intelligently, and in a higher degree of knowledge that earned him credibility in the work.

Analysis of My Dream. Custom Analysis of My Dream Essay Writing Service || Analysis of My Dream Essay samples, help

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