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Toni Morrison’s novel, “Jazz” is a feminist novel because the puzzling voice narrating the account overlaps with the tones of the other personalities thus crafting a romantic story that is distinctive of the unrestrictedness of a female's manner of speaking. Morrison's experimentation with verbal communication and tone in Jazz is a case in point of her denunciation of the conventionally masculine mode of transparency, sense, and influential deed as the mannerisms linked with the narrative. History is just like someone’s memory that is incoherent remembering parts of life subsisted out of bid and with a range of degrees of transparency as told by the females in the framework of jazz, and as a result is its manuscript as well thought-out by Toni Morrison.
The black females in the novel “Jazz” try to rediscover and regenerate themselves out of conflicting odds and ends of their life the worn out ends missing for the reason of slavery that made them to be referred to as harlots and mammies, the disempowerment after slavery that strained them to keep on in situations at their homes and unskilled labor, and the communal and financial contention that bounded their progression in the metropolitan centers in the North subsequent to the great immigration. In the novel, women are to some extent empowered by the author Morrison who exchangeably demonstrates them as winners and as well as sufferers all the way through the novel, although their eventual sensation of strength is entrenched in the productive, down to earth, wild representations of the South. Reminiscent of the Caribbean island and Eloe in Tar Baby, akin to Shalimar in Song of Solomon and as the Bottom in Sula, Morrison’s other novels; the fostering parts in the book are feminine.
The author bases Jazz on a concrete occurrence, and citing an instance of Harlem who refused to lay blame on his lover and opted to take that chance to run away despite the fact that her lover shot her. Nonetheless Morrison once more goes past the explicit occurrence to capture a generously proportioned scene, jazz is in addition regarding a certain age and those that subsisted during that age of jazz were out for the count of the influential nature of that age. In scripting the narrative, Morrison comes up with innovative ways to speak about familiarity, going further than customary account to confine the fundamental nature of a society. Jazz alludes also to the extremely dreadful deeds of the era after bellum other than to the history in the 1920s.
Jazz contains more of the structure it creates than the content it has in Morrison’s narration; a riff on the musical appearance as pictured in writing. The novel Jazz comparable to jazz one of the genres in music entirely constitutes movement, twirls and spins. In addition to that it concentrates on the theme of fragmentation demostrating how spirits break into smaller pieces as one tries to develop into whole for a second time. True Belle, Rose Dear and Violet Trace who is the daughter to Rose signify history or the past and memory as retained by the Black female and as conceded on to future creation which takes care of the black heritage. In Jazz, that account begins with Violet in the innovative Negro age of jazz then shifts back to True Belle, Violet’s grandmother who had a lot of experience as a slave and finally to the misery and humiliation of Violet’s mother with the several syncopated actions amid them.
Jazz prolongs the African American story, recounting the 1920 great migration, the homecoming of African American armed forces from World War I, the movement of the Black Nationalist to monetary racism, and Harlem’s which incorporated both Garvey and hooch multiparties. Toni Morrison faces up to readings of the Harlem revitalization as the commemorative renaissance of Black civilization by stressing the efforts connected with the music, the urban center, the regular rediscovering of oneself and the philosophical division changes as an age band motivated from tough, al fresco corporeal labor to hair dressing, tables in the making and selling make-up.

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