Explanatory Model and Culture

There are many definitions of health. In this essay, I would like to talk about this notion within the frames of its spiritual meaning. Health is the link between the state of physical and spiritual well-being, which is reflected on our social status and mental activities. That link is a bridge with two ends: our body, which is the mirror of our physical state, and our soul – the mirror of our spirit.

The described above mechanism can break, and the spiritual component, which results, in this case, in the sin can loosen that bridge causing illness. Of course, we can argue about the functions of pathogenic agents and the immune system, which can be a real fortress for our body not to fall sick. Thinking about this question deeper, we become more convinced that our real immunity is our faith, which is strengthening by our spiritual fulfillment: communication with God through the prayers that is the main method of healing in my culture.

In the case of influenza, for example, the illness is darkening my mind by weakening my body. It dismisses any thoughts of intellectual growth. It is like a black shadow that wants to plunge into my aura and eat all those cells that are still being healthy. I am trying to keep my body and spirit in balance not to loosen that bridge and, thus, avoid illness. Constant exercises and leading of the healthy way of life contributes to that as well. Of course, health care workers do their job and most of the time trying as best as they can, but our life is in our hands.

The sick role in my culture is the sinner, who first affects his or her own body by sins; later it is reflected on their physical state. The main thing is to follow God’s rules and to be an active member of the society as God sent us here with certain aims. Sometimes, we get sick because of fatigue, and that means God wants us to rest. He controls everything, especially our well-being, but we are responsible to hear His hints and always follow His rules.



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