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Effects of Addiction Essay

Addiction is a condition which manifests in an individual’s inability to control their craving for a certain element, substance, or practice. It is commonly associated with substance abuse as seen in most rehabilitation settings and other subjects constantly coming up in the media. Once an individual develops an addiction the effects are primarily manifested in various forms which could be behavioral or practical. My story is a testimony on the potentially destructive effects of addiction on a human’s life, career and family.

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Behavioral effects of addiction include a drastic change in patterns of normal behaviors. Here individuals exhibit extreme behavioral elements. For instance, a person addicted to drugs might exhibit reliance on the substance such that they are unable to do anything else without it. These individuals are elementally described as ‘slaves’ to the habit or substance. Behavioral effects of addiction might also include a component of people appearing to detest activities which they initially have a passion for in their daily lives. In my case I ended up neglecting my family due to my over dependency to alcohol because of stress and personal life changes, which ended up becoming like my constant companion.

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Practical effects of addiction include individuals adopting dangerous trends, for instance, there are extreme notions of practical effects of addiction manifested of family neglect when they are no longer in a position to sustain their habitual trends. Consider my family setting in which my mother’s family members decided to neglect me for neglecting them for a long time, actually 3 years. I have not talked nor called my family for that period. The reason is that we became self employed, hence we decided to close doors to asking for assistance. Initially, I had dollars and could support my sisters and mother by sending them thousand's of money to help them pay for their bills. Due addiction to alcohol abuse we are no longer able to afford it.

 Now that I need help, my extended family are virtually unable nor in the slightest position to help me. In my job as a loan officer I was in a position to earn between 10 and 30 thousand dollars per month, but currently I am unable to do so because all of my hard earned money goes towards supporting and promoting my alcohol addiction. This has a great effect as it cannot fit within my previous budget. Hence I am forced to spend past my normal budget. The effects of addiction to alcohol are very destructive and people need to avoid over dependency on addiction.

My numerous attempts to control my addiction have been implemented with great difficulty. This has reinstated my ability to give yet when I needed help from my family, they could not help me. The small success in controlling my addiction to alcohol has made me much happier in the moment than ever. Of course this came through overwhelming support from me, my husband and my kids.

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Addiction is a dangerous condition that can affect anyone in real life. It common for us humans to develop assumptions that our habitual dependencies on certain substances cannot be classified as addiction. This only leads to late discovery when the effects of addiction have set in beyond control, to the extent that we are unable to support our loved ones. The truth is that we are indeed in a position to revert to our previous status only when we get the support needed. Addiction has harmful effects and should be avoided by all in order to attain good life.

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