Assessment of a Patient

According to Paul (1990), critical thinking is the intellectual and disciplined process of applying skilful reasoning as a tool to guide for an action. The skills of critical thinking relate to the process of decision making in clinical matters. Critical thinking skills are logical, systematic and reasoned approach to the process of nursing which aims at providing the quality patient care.

When a practitioner develops critical thinking in the field, he or she adheres to using proficiently reasoning; moreover, use the intellectual standards, commits and maintains the habits of thought. In other words, a nurse needs to use competent thinking skills in order to be able to make safe decisions and sound clinical judgment.

The case Tactics 2-3 illustrates the need of the critical assessment for Mrs. Frank. She needs to be asked about her needs and the status especially when found moving out of her bed. The change of the shift for the practitioners can cause confusion in patient’s care if not critically assessed. It is needful to ask critical questions in order to know her need. One can start medication when her pulse rates at 92, but it can be otherwise. The solution to her status might be that she is alcoholic.

In conclusion, critical assessment of a patient is an essential in order to prove a good care instead of relying on medications and procedures of nursing. The fact that patient’s health can change with time in the course of the day and its only critical thinking for the nurse which can determine the health status. The assessment of the patient in a critical approach needs to be done daily as it helps the practitioners to gather information, organize, and analyze the condition of a patient. It helps the nurse to take intellectual care on the patient after evaluation of the results for medication.

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