Sports Management

Based on the information given about the defender, it is imperative to consider not releasing the veteran defender. In the first place, the player is dedicated to the team and performs well. On the other hand, the defender is a fan favourite and serves the community interest. In deciding whether to release the player or not, the SLEEPE model of decision making is critical for the management of the sport. This discussion focuses on the model to establish the validity of releasing this player. According to this model, decisions made within any organization should focus on social, legal, economic, ethical, political, and educational factors. In case the veteran defender weighs high on the scale of these factors, it would be crucial to have the player or even renew the contract for purposes of profitability in the organization.

Considering the sports organization, it would be imprudent to release the player since he scores highly on the social scale. Therefore, severe implications may be generated if the player is released. This is because the player is a fan favourite. Releasing him will mean that the team loses its fans. This is an important factor in sustaining the team’s performance since fans give the rest of the team moral support whenever they see the veteran defender play. Similarly, the defender has legal obligation to complete the contract with the team which means that the management must not release him until the expiration of the contract. A move to release the defender before the expiration of the contract may lead the entire team into legal conflict.

The success of any organization depends heavily on its dedication to social responsibility. The moment a corporation is on the forefront in delivering to the community, the organization has a high chance of survival. From the information given, the player contacts numerous fundraising activities that are in the interest of the society. This is a form of social responsibility especially to the numerous charitable groups in the society within which the football team comes from. Based on such factors, it would be critical for the team to consider not releasing the player. Given the fact that the veteran defender is dedicated to the team, it implies that he has a good mastery of the team requirements. This offers him high scores on the basis of educational factors within the SLEEPE model of decision making.

However, it is clear that the team is currently over the projected salary of the player for the entire contract. This has negative implications when it comes to economic disposition of the team. As a result, the team would feel a huge relief by releasing the player. This does not give an upper hand for the management to release the player just because salary projections are overdue. It would be imperative to adjust the budget for the player so that the team serves the interests of all stakeholders. Team performance and success is critical to the future survival of the organization. The ultimate decision should be to maintain the player within the team so that there is no risk of losing the integrity of the team as well as its performance. The sole factor of economic disorientation does not surpass other factors which gives the rationale of completing the agreement of the player within the specified period.

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