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How Google's culture contributes to their creativity and innovationAn organizational culture has a positive and/or negative influence to a company's creativity and innovation. The case of Google is a case of success; its culture can be defined as team-oriented, very collaborative and encouraging people to think nontraditionally. The company treats all employees equally; this is even when they are taking their lunch, which is mostly taken at their office cafeteria, every employee can sit anywhere where there is space. This encourages them to talk freely and is able to air their ideas and feelings. Each individual's ideas and feeling is respected. Weekly the company conducts meetings where the employees are encouraged to freely express their feeling; at least once in a year, there are team building activities. All this are platforms to act according to its core values of a flat organization, a lack of hierarchy, a collaborative environment. The starting point o encouraging innovation and creativity is creating a good communication among the staff; this is the angle that the company has taken as well as having a chief culture officer to ensure there is continuity of the organizational culture.Steps would you take to synchronize your work calendar on email, phone, and your social network site?

On the device A migrate to C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Local\Microsoft and select add folder to the live mesh· Step 2

Start synchronizing your settings, and select the devices say calendar, email face book or twitter and any other devise which you want to synchronize withNow on device B move to C:\Users\[Username]\Live Mesh Folders\ double click on the blue shaded field and set the device as C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\- this is in the outlook. Make sure that the devises synchronized in devise A are done the same on devise B. if this is done successively, and then the selected devices are synchronized.· Step 4To add other devises the same procedure is followed.Explain how a database makes paying for a product online possibleAs the world becomes a global village; more softwares are being developed to enable save payment online, some of the softwares are PayPal and wire transfer. They use either the email address and /or credit card of both the payer and the paid. The two players have to approve and acknowledge payment. In email oriented payment, the buyer authorizes payment to the seller; then an email is sent to the seller asking his/her approval for the payment; when he accepts, then the buyer gets another email asking him to approve the payment, then money are transferred. When using credit card, the payer will input the amount to be paid; then after the seller has accepted the payment, then the buyer gives him his personal identification number that acts to show acceptance, having the payment authorization and P.I.N. number payment is done.

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