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Beauty-Card is a fast growing enterprise. In the Montgomery city where we began it a year ago, we have been able to sale up to 1 million cards for all occasions, e.g. birthdays Christmas and wishes cards. We have realized that we have more opportunities in the rest of the states. We therefore need to expand this unique business not only to American states but also to the whole world. This is the need that this business has. We therefore plan to have a high-tech website for selling the product of the company.

The objective for having this new website for Beauty-Card is clear. We want to be able to make sales to the rest of the USA and the world. In this, we will be able to exploit the opportunity wholly. We will be able to make more profits and meet the main goal of the business well.

The assumptions made here are that, the market place in all states of America, similarly like the cards Beauty-Card produces as those people in Alabama. The second assumption is that the rest of the world has the same card-culture as Americans do. The third assumption is that e-commerce is becoming very popular and many countries in the world are getting into it.

The main people involved in this project are the manager in charge of marketing and sales, business system analyst, IT manager and a project manager. This people will contribute ideas from their various fields to enhance the creation of an all-inclusive marketing website.

The prospects seem great; however, we have some risks involved in this project. The main risk is that new entrants in this kind of unique business will pose high competition to Beauty-Card. The other risk taken is venturing into business with the people beyond America. Shipping goods to places where transport and communication network is not well established would be a challenging task.

This is project has taken care of the main things evidently. It has the problem stated and the proposed solutions. This has led to the clear statement of the goal or objective of the project (Bartle, 2007).



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