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For my analysis, I decided to use Google search engine as one of the best systems developed in the Internet. The first site I found was a Wikipedia article which gibes a general overview of the term. The next two sites were the most interesting ones. The Project Management Institute and the Free Management Library propose detailed information for managers. The main problem with Project Management Institute is that it requires authorization and user information. The key words such as “project management objectives” “ project management life cycle," "project management work breakdown structure" show the same results with some variations. Still, many sites are subjective and lack theoretical and scientific information. All sites state that the project management is an activity of managing resources. The project goal is to develop a project process characterized by high productivity, great flexibility, and good jobs for employees. The criteria for a good job are defined as follows: it should be ergonomically sound and provide enhanced work content; it should be oriented toward problem-solving and lead to personal development. These goals are associated with the notion of "-complete products," which would allow workers to determine the assembly pace. Theoretical models are helpful in understanding the dynamics of social processes and point to important practical implications. At the same time, sites offer no simple tricks that, properly applied, guarantee success.The purpose of the project management approach is not to suggest optimal ways for changing a system or manipulating it to move in a specific direction, but rather to describe a developmental process that integrates individual learning and competence development with broader system change. The broad goals of the reorganization project are to develop an overall organizational strategy and to establish structural conditions that would improve flexibility, efficiency, and customer orientation. Rather than creating a new set of fixed structures, the organization is to focus on flexible arrangements that would allow for further adjustments in response to emerging market conditions or other environmental changes.

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