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The property management sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in the entire United States as research shows the increase in the total number of property management firms in the country. The situation is not any different in Monroe County, with most leading commercial cleaning companies coming from Bloomington. The trend is also witnessed in the global market as the number of cleaning firms has increased in the last five years.

The property cleaning industry can be divided into two broad categories consisting of the consumer sector, which basically refers to the domestic cleaning services. These services include window cleaning, furniture and carpet washing among others. The consumer services are not much demand as most homes are yet to warm to the idea of having their domestic chores done professionally for them. The second sector of the property cleaning industry is the commercial cleaning services. This sector provides an attractive package that encompasses a wider range of products and services that are aimed at businesses for long-term service provision (Ferrel 101).

The reason for the growth of the commercial cleaning services is attributed to its inherent character of being a recession-proof sector. A clear example of this characteristic is seen in the growth experienced in the sector despite the recent economic slump that affected most industries. This feature allows many individuals to invest in the industry without the fear of losing their investment. The economic analysis of the industry reveal a healthy future as it is expected to hit the 10 billion mark in terms of the output in the next year. Most of the industries in Bloomington work within their geographic boundaries of the district with very few covering the whole county, this presents a unique opportunity for Klean Scene to venture into the market with a view of covering the whole county.

The services and products that are available in the market are of a limited nature with very few firms being able to offer professional cleaning services as most of their employees are not properly trained. Current available services include, carpet washing, construction cleaning, floor stripping, pressure washing, among others. Few firms in the industry have well trained employees, and employ the use of current, acceptable industrial practices. They limited in the time that they are available as none offers a 24\7 cleaning service. This is a crucial factor especially where commercial cleaning services are concerned. The industry in Bloomington is flooded with small, privately held firms which lack proper organization and management and thus leading to poor service delivery. The customers in the area are very demanding, specific and time conscious and thus usually end up being disappointed. The cleaning products used are also an issue as they may cause damage in case they are not the proper cleaning agents or of wrong or poor quality.

In Bloomington area, there a number of commercial cleaning firms which offer some of the services that Klean intends to be offering to the same clients. One such firm is the Total maintenance solution which is a commercial cleaning company offering a number of cleaning services to the commercial sector. Such services include; janitorial services, commercial and residential construction cleaning, landscaping and snow removal and other services demanded by the commercial industry. This firm represents one of the direct competitors that the Klean scene will compete with. There are other indirect competitors that exist in the market. This includes firms that are not offering exactly the same products, but whatever they are offering can substitute the products being offered by Klean Scene.

The commercial cleaning industry has grown due to the influence by a number of factors that exist in its environment. The economic factors existing in the country have not interfered with the growth of the industry. Due to the perception that the cleaning industry is a recession-proof sector of the economy, the growth experienced in the industry is unparallel. Many more people have continued to invest in the industry as the returns have been almost somewhat guaranteed. Furthermore, the economic costs of starting a cleaning service are significantly lower when compared to other businesses in other industries (Hill 481)

When the aspect of competition is considered, the cleaning industry is faring pretty when compared to other sectors. This is because, the sector is relatively new to the economy and there is yet to be cut throat competition between firms for clients. There are no dominant markets in the industry and the existing firms do not have the monopoly of the market. In regards to the legal policy, there is not yet a fully developed legal mechanism that has provisions aimed at controlling, regulating, supervising and monitoring this sector. The law has not been keen to look into the affairs of the sector and at present is largely governed by the principles of contract law and branches of the law. There has not been much influence on the sector in terms of politics and as such the sector remains free from the political tampering that is usually associated with other sectors of the economy (Hirschey 203).

The history of commercial cleaning services is not very clear, though it can be safely assumed that this is fairly a modern concept. In the past, there used to be no cleaning firms with the specific duty of clearing trash and cleaning the offices and the industry. These used to be the employees of the firm. However, the idea has evolved due to the societal awareness of the need of a safer, cleaner environment.

In conclusion, the firm has the opportunity to enter the market due to the unique of the services that is providing. This opportunity is in view of the fact that, in the current market, there is no existing firm providing specialized and standardized services.

Industry Analysis. Custom Industry Analysis Essay Writing Service || Industry Analysis Essay samples, help

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