Ethical Issues in Project Management


The name of the product on the packaging bags to be used in which sale representatives are going to carry the final product for sale to customers had some error. Moreover, the logo of the brand on the package is different from the right one. These two need to be changed.


The logo and name refer to something different from what is in the package. There is a high likelihood that customers will look for the product with that name in the future and would not find it hence making it not possible for the company to sale its products. Moreover, another company can come up with counterfeit products resulting in customers rejecting buying the company’s products in the future because of bad quality they associate with these products.


The quality of the product will not be affected in any way in the spelling and design of product brands.


In this case suggestions are allowed in order that the best way to approach this issue to be derived fast enough to remedy the mistake and save the company millions have been used in product promotion and marketing. The company can inform the representatives not to package the products in the packaging materials until new packages have been shipped. Details on the packaging can also be sent to the sales rep and they can contract some one locally to fix them. Alternatively a new shipment can be sent. This will delay the promotion and sale but it is also an option. It would cost so much.


The best thing to do in this case is to consider a situation where by there is more gain than loss. Management should allow experts advise before they can decide on a permanent solution.


The best way to deal with Henry’s threat is to face the CEO of the company and seek his support so that a solution can be reached at fast.


This is a breach of duty by not focusing on the specific particulars of the company. Protocol should always be followed in order to ensure no omissions or errors are committed.


Quality is a real issue when one does an action that goes against human rights of an individual including exposing to death.


Always ensure adherence to standards in any activity.



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