CEO Leadership Qualities

McDonald's Corporation was founded in 1954 and it is today one of the leading corporations in restaurant industry. The corporation has over 32,000 restaurants operating in over 117 countries and a global workforce of 1.7 million employees. Currently the corporation is headed by Jim Skinner as the CEO and the corporation's vice chairman. Jim Skinner joined the McDonald's Corporation at the age of seventeen in 1971 as a management trainee. He has over the years served in various management positions in various countries at the corporation .This has given the CEO a unique insight into the corporations operation, familiarity with the corporation values and culture( Gilbert2009) .

Among the reasons why Jim Skinner has improved McDonald's performance as the CEO is the fact that he has served in the corporation for over thirty nine years. This has given him familiarity with the challenges that the McDonald's corporation faces and the strategies that have been used in the past to overcome some of their problems. He was appointed the CEO in the year 2004 during the period of his appointment the corporation was experiencing slacked sales and low profits .He managed to turn around the corporations by employing a "Plan -to -Win" strategy which involved improving the existing services and locations rather than expanding their restaurants outlets (Williams-Lee 2008).

His strategy lead to increase is sales volumes from $50.1 to$70.1 billions during the period (2004 -2008).His strategy also consisted of promoting the best talented individuals from within the corporation. The strategy also focused improving the employee's satisfaction by encouraging active lifestyles. The improvements at McDonald's corporation lead to the CEO being recognized by his peers in 2009 as the best CEO (Williams-Lee2008). His strategies have also lead to Employee loyalty and also contributed to the corporation's growth. Skinner will leave a legacy of Employee loyalty and cohesion within the corporation's employees. He will also leave a committed and focused workforce.



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