The process of turning the bill into law

A bill is the proposal to publish a new law or regulation presented to the Legislature. Thousands of new ideas for the laws enter the legislative process in the United States. In different countries, the bill becomes a law in different ways. However, this process has a few common steps everywhere.

The first one is when some Member of Congress introduces the bill or a resolution.After that, the bill is given a number. The one who introduces the bill is the "sponsor". "Co-sponsors" are the Congressmen who uphold the proposal. “Bills and proposed resolutions are required to be signed by their author or authors”. (Tacadao)

Afterwards, the bill is referred to a Committee with expertise in its issue for further consideration. Then Committees or Subcommittees may amend, table, pigeonhole, or vote for this bill. Many bills die at this stage. Subsequently, the Committees marks-up the proposed bill. The next stage where House and Senate debates for or against the bill is called “Floor consideration”. If there are some amendments they can be voted on. The Members of the Senate vote for or against final passage of the proposed bill, when all debates end. The bill goes to the Senate if the majority of the Members votes in favour of it. In order to negotiate a compromise, the bill goes to Conference Committee.

The final bill is sent to the President only when the report of the conference has been approved by both the Senate and House. The President can sign it up (in this case the bill becomes a law) or to veto it. Even when the President vetoes the proposed bill, it still has a chance to become a law.

It may be when the Congress attempts to override the veto. This procedure requires two thirds of the votes of the members of both houses. In all such cases, the Votes of both Houses shall be determined by yeas and Nays, and the Names of the Persons voting for and against the Bill shall be entered on the Journal of each House respectively. (Rappaport)



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