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World History

Imperialism is an act of being superior while subordinating others. It is a historical that defines the act of the western countries where they dominated other countries both economically and politically. It generally refers to control of a weaker country by a more powerful one. This period dates back to 1870 when the more developed nations started to take over the less developed ones in the efforts to expand their power.

Motives and Impacts of Imperialism and reaction of the colonized people

The main colonizing powers were the British, Germans, Europeans and the Portuguese. They all endeavored to expand overseas and build empires for themselves. Africa was referred as the Dark Continent. There was a scramble for Africa which eventually led to its partitioning by these colonial powers. All of them claimed to have the best interests while doing so while the sole beneficiaries remained the imperial powers. Cecil Rhodes, one of the imperialists, wanted to subject the whole Africa under colonial rule. Imperialists enticed Africans who convinced their communities to give room to colonial authorities. They claimed that they were bringing civilization to the uncivilized but after settling they invited missionaries, settlers and merchants, and took over these nations. They also sought raw materials for their industries and established markets for their surplus production in Africa. In China, the Japanese captured Korea which led to Sino-Japanese war where China lost. Unlike in Africa where some Africans were incorporated in the government, Chinese were not since Japanese thought they were not fit to do so. Chinese were also used in the manufacturing industry with some being exported to the imperial state. Invasion by the imperialists led to resistance by the Africans. This led to deaths, disconnections of people civil wars among the invaded nations and drained resources.



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