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The Major Factors which Contributed to America's Industrial Revolution

In general terms, industrial revolution can be defined as transition of the production from manual processes to more machine related processes. The industrial revolution was a big change of the production methods that involved transition from manual labor to the use of machines and new technologies. The industrial revolution took place between 1760 and 1840 in some of the currently developed countries (Henretta, Brody, and Dumenil 17).

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For the Americans, the process of industrial revolution came with economic, environmental and social changes that had both positive and negative impacts on the people. According to history, there are numerous factors that contributed to the industrial revolution in America. However, there are major factors that played a great role in the industrial revolution in America. One of such factors was the will of investors and businessmen to take their businesses to a higher level. It is worth noting that industrial evolution had begun in Great Britain before spreading to the other parts of Europe and the USA. The American investors and businessmen were very excited about the contribution that the revolution had made in Europe. They were also overwhelmed by the potential of industries in the US and were willing to implement it there. This strong will made the investors spend money on industrialization hoping that it could bring returns to them like it had happened in Europe (Henretta, Brody, and Dumenil 36).

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The increase in the number of immigrants in the USA also played a great role in industrial revolution in America. During this era, many people came to America from different parts of the world, especially from Europe, to look for business opportunities. These people brought with them the ideologies and experience from the European industrial revolution. They used the knowledge they had about the industrial revolution in Europe to transform the American industries. The fact that America had numerous natural resources also speeded up industrial revolution. Initially, raw materials were shipped for production from America to Europe. As competition intensified, there appeared a need to set up more industries in America in order to advance production. This came with new production technologies and resulted in the industrial revolution (Henretta, Brody, and Dumenil 63).

Another major factor that contributed to industrial evolution in America was desire of the Americans to show their abilities to the rest of the world. It is a common knowledge that during the era of the industrial revolution, countries were competing for economic and military superiority. America was not an exception and the Americans wanted to improve their industries to match those in Europe in order to remain competitive. Their desire to remain economically superior led to the establishment of new industries and to the use of new technologies and methods of production (Henretta, Brody, and Dumenil 76).

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Industrial evolution did not affect only the industries in America. It came with the political, economic and social changes in the American society. Economically, the evolution resulted in efficient production and consumers were able to enjoy manufactured goods at lower prices. Consequently, the living standards of the Americans were improved. There was a tremendous economic growth as the country was able to increase its exports at a lower cost. As a result of the industrial revolution, many job opportunities were created in the assembly lines and machinery operation. The industrial revolution gave women and girls the opportunity to work in the industries other than those connected with doing only the domestic chores. On the other hand, industrial revolutions resulted in a low wage as the company owners and investors paid workers little money after long working hours (Henretta, Brody, and Dumenil 95). The industrial revolution also resulted in environmental pollution and this contributed to the rise of pollution related ailments among the American people.

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