The League of Women Voters

Women who questioned the  prevailing mores in their own lives needed to make an extra mile if they had any hopes of changer the society at large, this was because this was an issue that was campaigned for by people who were weak and had no place in the society or the federal government. These women needed to come up with a technique of understanding the constraints imposed up on women that did not lower their rebellion to pathology or to the idle whims of the people for were not willing to change the society. This was a very big task ahead, luckily, the religious leaders and scientists gave a more detailed explanations based on facts as to why women need to be included in the voting process, these examinations were based on the fundamentals of the female domesticity and  passivity. The women suffrage movement needed he actions of speaking out in the public, this was an act that placed the women in defied prevailing notion of the female propriety. Human activists had to persuade the people who blithely supported the long belief about women to reconsider their values and customs that looked beyond the reproach, immune to critic and removed from the reach of public policy (Howard 104).

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Despite the presented challenges on the women suffrage movements, these millions of women and men too took part in this historical movement until they accomplished their goal. Million more people supported the suffragists and gave applauds for their determination in their struggle to secure the freedom of equality of women politically. By the year 1920, the United States had officially accepted the suffrage movement as a national policy; however, for a number of generations of the suffragists, the ratifications of the nineteenth amendment the same year was market by a triumph that had previously looked impossible. One of the most outstanding differences with the suffrage movement of the twentieth century from the nineteenth century was that its coalescence around the concept that the vote was convenient, in the ninetieth century, the human activists argued that justice and the natural rights in the United States stipulated that women too needed to have equal political rights just as men did (Howard 119).

NAWSA turned out to be the League of Women Voters to lobby for full equality and the Equal Rights Amendment that would pass Congress during the second phase of the women's movement in the year 1972. The major surge of women to vote started in 1928 when politicians discovered that they needed the support of women in order to elect the candidate Al Smith, whereas women in the rural areas to were mobilized to support Prohibition and vote for Republican Herbert Hoover. The Catholic women were hesitant to vote in the early 1920s; however, they registered in very large numbers for the 1928 election that was the first in which Catholicism was a main issue. It has been debated that with no women's suffrage, the Republicans would have won each and every election between 1968 and 1974. Another consequence of Women's suffrage is the stable rise of government expenditure between the 1920's and today, as women tend to be more risk indisposed than men are and support safety net type income allocation and social welfare programs such as Social Security, Medicare, and public education. In the United States Women's suffrage has had the effect in changing the outcome of presidential elections, for instance, Barrack Obama won his elections with both the male and female vote in 2008 (Howard 154).

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